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Chris Green, head of UK rail intercity services, last month presented a new idea at the Royal Society\'s conference on the future of passenger transport.
Green\'s empire is not only privatized, but also packaged without any border disputes.
But that did not prevent him from looking forward to the future of the railway.
In particular, he told his audience that he believed that the trains of the future were tilted over the curve to reduce the pressure on passengers. Sounds familiar?
You\'re right.
This is the principle that people miss advanced passenger trains.
Unfortunately, however, the APT itself is unlikely to show up again on our railway. Feedback’s man-at-the-end-of-the-platform-with-anorak-and-
The notebook wrote: \"The last time APT was discovered was in 1986, when it was broken in a scrap station in inDoncaster.
Businessman Rick Adams smuggled his pet. year-
Old Gibbons flight from Phoenix to Minneapolis.
The gibbon was wrapped in a blanket and, like Adams, went first class and was mistaken for a child until a flight attendant came over with lunch.
The French media quoted Adams as saying: \"Given the economic difficulties in the northwest, I think they will accept anyone who pays.
When the armies of the world recycle their weapons onto the plows (
Some of them anyway)
The two American companies joined forces to recycle cardboard pallet display.
Ryder of Manchester, Connecticut and Faber-
Castell, pencil maker in Parsippanny, New Jersey, is producing \"American ecology\"
\"Writer\", a method of writing words on cardboard pallet display responsible for the environment.
Researchers at Lydall started working in June 1990 and created several different \"pencil plates\" to replace the traditional cedar made by pencils. Faber-
After 18 months of hard work, Castell finally chose a cardboard floor display made of a mix of old newspapers and cartons with water to form a paste, adding an adhesive, then press the result on the slats ready to cut into pencil barrels.
Lydall heralds its achievement as \"the first major structural improvement in pencil composition in a century \".
Wonderful stuff-other than the feedback being curious about the previous structured progress.
* Biologists in northern Australia hold their breath and wait for the latest news about the activities of the prison work gang inMacDonnell National Park near Alice Springs.
Researchers have been looking for years
A mouse tail, dunnat.
Just like creatures that haven\'t been seen in central Australia for decades, about 10 cm long.
But the prisoner Ambrose incomra changed it all.
Inkamulla found adunnart in a bottle among the gang who cleaned up Park garbage.
He broke the bottle and put it out.
The animal, named affemar dunnath, was shocked but survived.
Now biologists cross their fingers and hope that Inkamulla will find its partner.
* What kind of people do you want in the \"international research team?
A recent book called \"the only planet of choice\" proposes \"starlingclaim\", saying that \"there has been systematic collusion between the world\'s major governments for the past 40 years to prevent aliens
The book continues to assert that \"a group of great cosmic beings, known as the ninth council,\" have communicated with us for more than 20 years, apparently because they are worried that our planet will become a mess.
But don\'t laugh at you.
The book\'s findings are \"supported globally by the international research team \".
Who is the member of this team?
Three are mentioned in the book\'s press release: Star Trek creator Gene rodenbury, former British racing driver John Whitmore and British Olympic hurdler David Hai’There you are.
This book must be true.
* Everything.
According to the power to be granted to the police (
Paragraph 28th of the final report of the Royal Commission on Criminal Justice)
They will succeed for the benefit of justice. . .
Take a sample of hair other than the eradication of pubic hair without consent. . .
To expand their database of DNA samples.
Sadly, this does not end the joy of the criminal brotherhood.
The next time any villain is arrested, the police will not let them be deceived.
* With the size of hotel rooms in Japan, space is very expensive in Japan.
\"Where to put\" is a common problem faced by museums and archaeologists.
According to Newsweek, the construction boom has led to the discovery of a large number of archaeological treasures in the past 15 years, all of which must be processed and stored.
But now the curator of the museum does not know how to turn.
They were forced to put artifacts into the box and pile them up on the ceiling of the storage room, the medical treatment they needed for their neglected preservation.
The most sad situation is on the island of Kyushu, where there are 2000-year-old, metre-
Tall jars have been found.
In order to store them, archaeologists had to split them into pieces so they could find them in a room without clothes.
It\'s heartbreaking, but it has to be done.
* Not everyone welcomes the popularity of fax machines, feedback learning, not just because of the rapid degradation of their fragile thermal cardboard pallet display print output.
S. lawyers can\'t send some documents by fax at all.
This reason should not surprise anyone familiar with legal documents-the small font in it is too small to read by fax.
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