first look: utopia exhibition, roundhouse

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-10-12
Camden\'s house is a crime scene.
Billowing smoke from the council bin;
Crumpled picks
Half the truck.
Through a window laughedup bookshop.
\"We have to change that,\" said Penny Woolcock, creator of the device, dragging his feet and adjusting the speakers over the cordon.
\"It needs a bigger voice.
Google Robert Owen, read more of Sir Thomas\'s articles and make his own conclusions.
This is a utopia that is unlikely to be realized.
The summer installation of the Roundhouse is the idea of Woolcock, built by block 9, the designer and builder behind several iconic facilities in Glastonbury.
This is a dry imitation of Camden, made with stories around the town: the voice of a sex worker echoes in a public telephone booth;
A boy in the Queen\'s Crescent District recalled that he chased his classmates with a knife and scared them to hand over their mobile phones.
\"Baby formula, flour, diesel, rat medicine\", with a voice in the dark, shaking rattling a shopping list of ingredients used to cut cocaine.
\"That\'s enough to put you off, right? Said Woolcock.
Short but tough, 65-year-old film-
Maker\'s career has been recording the real
Dystopian award for life-
The winning work of the Birmingham gang (
1 day 1 mile away)and a semi-
Fictional description of life on the Leeds bread line (
Tina goes shopping).
Her film is not without controversy: several Birmingham cinemas refused to be released for one day on the grounds of security concerns.
\"I did briefly think about doing something artistic and craft for this,\" Woolcock said . \".
\"But then I thought no, that\'s not what I did.
Let\'s get into trouble again.
Each story is personal to Woolcock.
As we walked through the shabby storefront of the T More bookstore, there was a copy of Plato\'s Republic on the podium, and a sound system crackcrackled overhead.
Woolcock is now well aware that he was imprisoned for his involvement in the London riots and said that reading Plato liberated him.
Woolcock spent a few days with her interviewees, creating the sound landscape of Camden
Offenders are contacted only through charities, dementia patients are contacted through the Henderson court of retirement home, and others are contacted through friends of friends.
Despite her middle
She never felt scared.
\"I like to get out of my comfort zone and I like to ask polite questions,\" she said.
\"If the audio of utopia is amazing, then the scene will be spectacular.
A totem pyramid of cartons extends to the stage in the center of the device, like a self-Monument
Each box is labeled with \"accessibility\", \"charm\", \"happiness \".
\"When we buy products, we think we will get these things,\" Woolcock said . \".
\"This is a Hall of consumerism. there is nothing in it.
On the left, near the entrance, one or two. and-a-half-
The minute video about consumerism is projected onto the plastic sheet.
Black Friday shoppers, London riots, and fragments of crushed workers when a factory in Rana Plaza, Bangladesh collapsed are almost impossible to distinguish.
It\'s all about building connections, Woolcock said.
\"I \'ve seen so many boys and they told me they robbed in the riot because it was something they were told they needed,\" she said . \".
\"The window in the store was open and I couldn\'t afford it, so I took it away.
Congrats, I want what you want.
Behind this, a \"production factory\" contains more branded boxes.
Cultural garbage is scattered on the workbench.
Woolcock picked one from the book \"simulation and simulation\" by French theorist Jean Baudrillard.
With another recording.
\"He talked about Super
\"The real world and no copy of the original,\" she explained . \".
\"Celebrities are known for being famous and living on social media, all of us become less real.
\"I was wondering how she would react when the first wave of utopian Photos Landed on Instagram.
\"Well, I\'m a hypocrite,\" she said with a smile . \"
\"I\'m standing in Nike sneakers with a smartphone in my hand.
There is also humor here.
Copy of matrix on DVD-
To a large extent, I learned from Baudrillard\'s thoughts.
Sit next to the book with a box of blue and red pills.
\"To be honest, I think Utopia is a bit like a matrix,\" Woolcock said . \".
\"People will get it or they won\'t get it, but they will be happy anyway.
\"Even without a philosophy crash class, there are many things about utopia. Twenty-
Last week, five staff members buzzing at the scene, moving 3,155 cartons, two cars, 297 color palettes, 15 tons of rubber and 11,000 books in place. Twenty-
There are still bugs that need to be fixed 4 hours before opening.
Stephen Gallagher, 43, and Gideon Berger, 37, are not worried.
Compared to working in Glastonbury, this is a walk in the park.
Designers at the festival
From 2007, New York\'s frenzied anarchy fell to the \"slightly straight brother\" of the London Metro, where a 50-foot tower collided with a subway --
A small army of 500 volunteers is needed.
Legendary crew bar Maceo\'s-an invite-
Only in the background, the DJs play on a soundproof hook-up truck.
Has grown up around the set.
\"Everything went well after the curfew, because it won\'t bother anyone,\" Berger said . \" Berger went to his first Glastonbury at the age of 14.
\"Both Mick Jagger and Kate Moss have done it, as have Skrillex, Neneh Cherry and Florence.
We are like a big family, a big family that is relatively dysfunctional.
Berger\'s East London accent proves that he has been crazy, crouching and time on the road for travelers for 20 years.
He explained that block 9 was born 15 years ago after visiting the burning people Festival in the United States, where, gay Berger was struck by the sound system, rig and set of gay crew built in the Nevada desert.
\"These are politically
\"Open up excellent homos to do things on a large scale,\" he said . \".
\"Back in the UK, there was no gay presence at the festival scene.
\"Block 9 corrected this very quickly: they got a match on the Glastonbury website and took jaw-
Down buildings and high
End electronic music
\"Nightclubs and discotheques, we invented them,\" said Berger of gay culture . \".
\"This is the stamp I want to put in Glastonbury.
Punchdrunk has put their claim on the immersive theater, and the Secret Cinema has put their claim on the interactive movie experience, where we build and create mixed spaces around the music experience
Gallagher is more straight.
A wife, two children and a self.
The preference for recognition is \"spreadsheet not done at six o\'clock A. M \".
His father, who works in the construction industry, often drags him to the construction site in Birmingham, where he says he is keen to design and create.
As they said, he is the yin of Berger Yang, solving problems on the spot, while Berger is the DJ of Soho Radio, and he has an excellent performance in music production.
In the Round Hall, Berger is preparing for the first Utopia: The Live Lates series, with the night of DJ Honey Dijon arriving at Berger from New York tomorrow, berger\'s promise will be \"deep, vulgar and supercharged \".
Russell Brand will speak tonight with Charlotte Church and Owen Jones as they will outline their utopia plans later in the series.
\"In my life, Russell for the first time interested those who can\'t stand the prime minister\'s problems in politics,\" Woolcock said . \" Woolcock met with brand through her tenant.
\"Not every word he said makes sense, but why do you do it?
He\'s not his own editor.
One of the reasons why the last election was so boring was that everyone was afraid to offend some focus groups.
\"Woolcock wants to hear alternate voices from the brand to the boy she reads Plato.
Some young people have found characters in round houses that work for Utopia: live Lates, and when they first saw the finished product they helped build, Woolcock rushed over to meet them.
No fake here. it’s real love.
\"If we think differently, Utopia is possible,\" Woolcock said . \".
\"There must be another way of thinking between each other.
Or we\'re done, aren\'t we?
Utopia and Utopia: living in the round house of NW1 (
0844mm 482mm 8008mm, maneuver. org. uk)
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