for wedding guests, a touch-up at the glam bar

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-09-25
The women\'s bathrooms and lounges at the wedding reception are often packed with sweat-streaming sweaty-backed guests, sometimes messy with long day and night events or some spins on the dance floor.
Wouldn\'t it be nice to have a hair and makeup artist on hand to redesign
Nail an upper, touch the eyeshadow, or brighten the lips?
Some couples book beauty companies for their guests and offer other charms-
Featured facilities.
\"If you think about it, once you go to the church, on the bus, then go to the reception and go to the bathroom, that\'s too much, especially if it\'s 100 degrees outside, \"said Tara grad, an event planner and designer based in Charleston, USA. C.
\"It would be great if someone was there to fix your hair and take your sweat away. ”Ms.
The guerrillas who run Tara Galad Soré recently started to join the Beauty Bar in the ladies bathroom at the wedding reception she organized.
Depending on the size of the event, she will have two or three hair and makeup artists with lipsticks, curling sticks, hairspray, etc to resolve any cosmetic glitches.
She added flowers and the \"Glam Bar\" logo.
She worked with Deidre Outlaw, a local freelance makeup artist and hair stylist, who actually came up with the idea. Ms.
The lawless people often hear from the bride that after they inevitably shed tears at the wedding, they hope to have a Zhu day before the reception.
\"I think it\'s also a great service for wedding guests,\" Ms. Outlaw said.
The two pointed out that the service was particularly successful in hot summer or generally warm weather.
June in the past
Outlaw hosted a glam bar at a wedding in Adair sville, Georgia.
The space exudes charm but lacks air.
The conditioned reflex \"says it\'s a total blow is understatement,\" Ms.
Otello says a steady stream of guests looking for touchups.
\"We did five very quickly. minute touch-
Ups took their curly hair off their neck, T-zones de-
Bright, fresh lips.
\"Brittany low is the founder of New York City\'s hair and makeup business, Bodini, who also provides beauty facilities for guests at weddings and other social events.
If the restroom is small, she will be set up in the grand restroom lounge of the luxury hotel or in a private room near the reception area, or in a place next to the photo booth.
Even male guests may receive a puff.
\"People run to the bathroom every 10 or so dances to make sure their makeup is in place and doesn\'t look like a hot mess,\" Ms. Lo said.
\"This provides the next one.
Provide them with a high level of service: others do it quickly and then guests run back to the dance floor. ”Ms.
About 40% of brides who work with her choose to keep the hands of makeup artists and hair stylists all day to improve their looks, Lo said.
Since this is usually charged per hour, they often have hair stylists clock in at the Beauty Bar.
\"It adds elements of experience and surprise to allow guests to have a better time at their wedding that day than they expected,\" she said . \".
At the wedding earlier this year, Catherine Doherty
Smillie has a beau Dini makeup artist throughout the day, from her ceremony at Trinity Catholic Church and photos of Central Park, to her reception in Parker, New York.
The makeup artist can help her and her guests.
\"It\'s easy to make the best decision I \'ve ever made --
It\'s wise for our wedding . \"Daugherty-
Smillie fund, 28raiser.
It is important to \"live in the present\" and enjoy her new husband and guests, she added.
\"It\'s someone else\'s job to make sure I don\'t apply lipstick, eyeliner, or profile, which allows me to enjoy every second,\" Ms. Daugherty-Smillie said.
\"I don\'t want to worry about constantly trying to touch myself and carrying a bag of cosmetics with me.
Social media has driven demand for these services.
\"Having these services overall shows how important the pictures are these days . \"
Lo said he noticed that most couples have a professional photographer, videographer and a studio, as well as tags for sharing pictures on Instagram.
\"Couples know that people value good looking in photos, not shiny, and these options make everyone look great.
\"Beauty Bar and all-
However, the day glam squad is not cheap.
The price per hour is usually between $100 and $250 per stylist.
Depending on the number of guests, a couple may need three or four stylists to touch-
Up bar, can easily add thousands of dollars a day.
But the way to combine these ideas is not expensive. Ms.
Guerard, who likes to distribute cool towels on the dance floor during the wet summer, said she stole a towel from a Miami hotel pool more than a decade ago.
She just soaked the towels in cold water and asked the waiter to distribute them at the reception.
She also suggested giving away guest \"first aid kit\" in the basket of the hotel room or reception \". Ms.
Guerard\'s kit includes Tums, aspirin, eye drops and other first aid items to help resolve any hangover the next day.
She ordered muslin bags with emergency crosses from Etsy or Amazon and filled them up.
\"All the little things are affordable and people really appreciate the idea,\" she said . \".
Some upscale hotels and halls may already have a variety of toiletries for waiters.
But couples can also create their own beauty bar in the bathroom, even if there is no professional staff.
They can buy makeup organizers from stores like Container Stores and fill them with lipstick
Tips for pharmacies, makeup brushes, nail files and other cosmetics, LadiesLo noted.
She suggested putting these makeup organizers next to a cheap frame and putting the sign \"be kind to yourself.
\"Most weddings don\'t have an entire counter display in the bathroom, so the goal is still the same: you have a whole bunch of very interesting cosmetics that guests can use, she said.
\"The concept has changed from a few thousand dollars to a maximum of several hundred dollars.
\"Then a couple decided to accept this beauty --
The bar concept has gone up a notch or two.
At a recent event in J. W.
New York Marriott Essex House
Lo, in partnership with Birch Event Design, decorated a complete dressing room with flowers and pampas grass, from floor to ceiling. (
Not surprisingly, it has also become a hot background for selfies. )
\"Remember why you did this,\" Ms. Lo said.
\"It\'s exciting for someone to walk into the bathroom or any space and see you think of them.
Any of these little details will create a very unique experience.
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