free tv for life? it\'s here, and it may even be legal

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-09-26
The advertisement on the Internet sounds too good and untrue.
\"Say goodbye to the cable bill and get the TV for free,\" boasted the advertisement for the free TV in Boxin, Canada. A U. S.
The company upgraded the TV box to \"Cable Killer \".
\"You can watch every episode of any TV show at any time . . . . . . And never pay bills every month!
Company website promise.
Depending on the model, the customer does need to pay about $100 to $200.
But the promise of a TV without a monthly bill is real, and it\'s a fast-growing business.
This is how it works: vendors start with basic android TV boxes.
These devices are similar to Apple TV, but they use the Android operating system.
This means that vendorscan can load them with specialized software so that this gadget has access to almost an unlimited number of TV shows and movies.
The customer connects the loaded box to their TV and plays whatever they want without advertising.
No monthly fee, just up-
Pre-Cost of equipment.
The device poses a threat not only to cable companies, but also to video streaming services.
\"It works very similar to Netflix, except that you can look at anything you want to see,\" says Joel Adams, who sells loaded online at the home of N. HubbardsS. \"And it\'s free.
\"So, what\'s the discovery?
It turns out that, legally speaking, Canada may not have, at least not.
Yes, sometimes customers are looking at copyrighted content but they don\'t download it.
They are streaming it, which is in a legal gray area.
\"It\'s not illegal,\" Adams said . \"
\"It\'s up to you whether it\'s immoral or not.
\"Should you pay if you receive an illegal download notification?
Netflix\'s border crackdown has cut off some customers, but unsealing services have blocked the free TV business. Adams runs his company AstroTV Boxes Canada as a part time job, but he says the business was good last month and he made more money selling Boxes than his full-time job.
Working part time in Printing Company
\"It\'s great,\" he said of his product . \"
\"I think that\'s why they sell so well.
The entrepreneur explained that he ordered Android boxes from China and then loaded them with additional software and applications.
His most popular model costs about $120.
Customers can use the device to access almost any current program or movie, or popular shows or movies in the past, Adams said.
He used his box to watch popular shows, such as the doctor.
Who, Thrace and Walking Dead game.
Adams explained that the box\'s app provides access to the giantcontent Library.
Content mainly from people around the world upload and provide materials in the file
Share the website.
Many links pop up when viewers use the box to type in the program title and do a search.
The person then clicks on a link to stream the show out.
But not every link worked, Adams warned.
\"If not, try the next one.
\"You can always find a way to finally work,\" he said . \".
Viewers can access a variety of independent hole expansion services online
They can connect their computer to a TV display.
But Adams says the advantage of the box he sells is that it integrates a lot of content in one place.
\"It\'s too convenient,\" he said . \"
We even got rid of netflix, said Jenna Galloway, who watched the movie \"Zoolander 2\" on Android TV the other day.
The blockbuster is still released in Canada.
She is also watching the latest season of the British program \"midwife\", which is actually not available in Canada until spring. \"It\'s crazy.
\"It has paid for itself,\" she said . \".
Galloway in port Cole, New YorkS.
She said she canceled the cableway two years ago.
She thought her TV bill was too high, so she signed up for netflix instead.
But on September, galowa had to rest for two months during her pregnancy, so she bought a box to pass the time.
Now her family is watching TV shows and movies, she said.
\"We even got rid of Netflix,\" she admitted . \"
\"I don\'t know what we\'re going to do without it.
Galloway said she convinced many of her friends and family to buy the box as well. Is it legal?
With the growth of the loaded Android box business, the same is true for legal issues.
The programs that many customers are watching are designed to bypass users of cable or streaming services that have a distribution agreement with content owners to watch.
The Canadian Copyright Act prohibits unauthorized downloading of copyrighted content.
But the audience using the loaded Android box is just streaming, not downloading the material.
\"Streaming is a bit in the gray zone,\" said Michael Gast, an Internet legal expert . \".
This is because streaming video can be considered \"short-lived, temporary display,\" he said \".
\"There is a reason why this is called copyright law, and of course there is a problem with whether a copy or a infringing copy is made in a streaming environment, said professor at the University of Ottawa.
Thomas, intellectual property lawyer Alice firmFaskenMartineauin Ottawaagrees.
\"The receiving stream itself is not a target of copyright law,\" she said . \".
However, she believes that the loaded Android box may be in trouble.
This is because the law prohibits services mainly for the purpose of \"allowing copyright infringement.
\"But the Android box can also play a lot of legitimate content like YouTube videos and Netflix.
Geist pointed out that the party that clearly violates the law is the website that provides streaming content.
\"If they do this without authorization, they are infringing and there is a law that can solve the problem,\" he said . \".
But many media outlets operate outside of Canada.
CBC News requires the federal government to weigh the legitimacy of streaming media.
\"Whether copyright has been infringed by a particular website, application or service will be determined by the court in the case --by-
Simon rivets, a Canadian Heritage spokesman, said in an email.
Will cable kill free TV?
Adams believes that it would be a cable company if someone successfully shut down his business.
\"I am sure they will take some sort of action to deal with this situation,\" he said . \".
That\'s why he quit his job.
Galloway is also concerned that the day may come when the loaded Android box goes out of business.
She said she would not regret it if this happened because she had already got the value of her money.
\"Even if I had spent a year, even if I had spent six months, it was worth it,\" she said . \".
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