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Funko Cardboard Furniture

Funko Cardboard Furniture


The table and stool made of cardboard are comfortable and useful, you can print products info. and company brand on the table and stool to achieve the effect of brand promotion.


It’s eco-friendly: Furniture made from cardboard do not pose a threat to the environment. For one thing, they are recyclable materials, which do not have adverse effects on the human health and Mother Nature.

It is collapsible: When not in use, the cardboard furniture can be bent or folded. When flattened, it doesn’t need a large space for storage. So, you can break it down and carry it if you need to relocate. You can also stack it up somewhere or toss it in the recycling pile at home.

It is easy to assemble: Even if some parts of the furniture are stored for a long time, taking them out and putting each piece together will always be trouble-free. Young and old alike will not have a hard time attaching all its components together as they are mostly simple and uncomplicated.

It is easy to dispose of: Cardboard furniture can be disposed of in a breeze since they can be folded and can be decomposed easily. You can also donate it to the charities or organizations when you do not see the need for it anymore.

It is easy to repair or replace: You do not need to worry if a major component is missing or if one part of the cardboard furniture is damaged because there is always a wide selection of cardboard available for your choosing anytime, anywhere. Also, since it does not cost much, replacing the whole item will not become an issue.

low maintenance: With furniture made from cardboard, there is little or practically no upkeep to be concerned about. All you need to do is dust it off to maintain its natural state, unlike the traditional furniture which needs to be continually nurtured and cared for.

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