Galaxy Paper and Hubei Xinhua Bookstore Group held a ceremony to unveil the customized machine

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-01-21

 On December 25th, Yinhe and Hubei Xinhua Bookstore Group·Cai Yi Jie Group. held a ceremony to unveil the customized machine, which provided a new development opportunity for the two sides to jointly develop the Hubei teaching and auxiliary market and the book market. 

Li Liangying, general manager of Yinhe , He Li, deputy general manager of Xinhua Bookstore Group and Cai Yi Jie Group., delivered a speech at the opening ceremony. After signing the agreement, the two parties jointly unveiled the customized machine, Galaxy  No. 29 The paper machine was designated as a customized machine for Xinhua Bookstore Group and Cai Yi Jie Group. of Hubei Province. Zhang Jin, General Manager Wu Tao, and Manager of Hubei Cai Yi Jie Group. Zhang Kun attended the unveiling ceremony.

Li Liangying pointed out in his speech that customized products, customized machines and customized services have become the iconic business cards of the new marketing model of Galaxy. This is a long-term and long-term strategic cooperation project for Galaxy. Achieve cooperation and win-win through resource sharing. No matter how the market changes, Galaxy will always be the most sincere and loyal partner in the road ahead of Xinhua Bookstore Group·Cai Yi Jie Group. of Hubei Province.

In his speech, He Li pointed out that in the face of the current complex and volatile market situation, achieving strong alliances, resource integration, and creating a new green environmental protection ecosystem and supply chain will be our common choice and the only way. Thanks to Galaxy  for providing exclusive equipment for the Xinhua Bookstore Group and Cai Yi Jie Group. of Hubei Province as a supply guarantee, the Group's business development is “extraordinary”. We firmly believe that Yinhe relies on its long history, excellent products and excellent service. It will definitely create even better performance for Hubei Xinhua Bookstore Group·Cai Yi Jie Group. In recent years, Yinhe has fully utilized the comprehensive advantages of multiple machines, wide width and flexible production, and has been striving to create a customized, differentiated and differentiated production service base, and has successively cooperated with Shandong Kanghua Media, Shandong Jinbangyuan, Shandong. Well-known enterprises such as Tiancheng Book Industry and Hubei Suizhou Publications Association signed a cooperation agreement to realize resource sharing and complementary advantages with customers through customized services, and become a support platform and boosting platform for customer development. It is reported that Hubei Xinhua Bookstore Group, as a leading enterprise in the publications publishing industry in Hubei Province, has a history of publications for more than 60 years. It has two wholly-owned subsidiaries: Hubei Cai Yi Jie Group. and Hubei Provincial Foreign Language Bookstore Co., Ltd. The company is a large-scale cultural industry group with publication distribution as its core business. It has the total issuance of books, periodicals, electronic publications and national chain operations. Its business scope covers books, primary and secondary school textbooks, college materials, cultural office supplies, Audiovisual products, wholesale and retail of electronic publications, etc., have a high reputation and influence in the industry. After the unveiling ceremony, entrepreneurs and guests attending the event visited the No. 29 paper machine production line, the 2640 paper machine production line and the high-speed paper machine production line. With technology speeding up in lighting speed, have created quite a name for itself amidst cardboard stand and it happens to have a lot of benefits as well.

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