Gang Green Presides Over Slamming, Fighting

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-09-16
Skating fights more than skating-
There was a metal blowout at Fender\'s in Long Beach on Friday, although headline Gang Green did look like a bombed-
Skate on a very steep mountain.
The Boston quartet showed the change of the simple wardrobe of the chili sauce on the stage (i. e.
, Only a little more than a birthday suit)
But the band soon put on jam. -
And start at \"L. D. S. B.
\"These initials represent\" let\'s have some beer \", which is also represented by just Green, from the toast activity in various songs to the salute to the well --
Well-known brand, there is a goof on the logo and a large cardboard floor display display on the stage.
We don\'t talk about brewski dilettantes here: Singer Chris Doherty used to play in a group called drunk and crazy mother, Friday\'s rip-
Roaring set is definitely a beersoaked. But not woozy.
These guys can play by hard speeding-
Core sonic boom to focus but still keep the anger of the dance floor pounding-o-rama churning--
And sparked boxing battles, including the worst scuffle between some teenagers in the eveningage girls.
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