giant pink sea cucumber to ‘defend’ japan’s territorial waters (photos)

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-10-06
Sea cucumbers will represent the de facto navy, with 154 ships and 346 aircraft, consisting of about 45,800 people.
According to the Mondo mascot, the decision was made because \"sea cucumber does not run, does not hide, is thick, is conducive to protecting the enemy\" and a blog updated by the Japanese mascot was released.
Sea cucumbers don\'t wear sailor clothes or cartoons
Like features, it looks a bit scary in some cases.
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There are thousands of mascots around Japan, from a guinea pig dressed as a deer to a Blue singer with a toilet on his head.
About five years ago, after the success of Hikonyan, the samurai cat mascot of a castle in hikang, this practice broke out in Japan, greatly promoting the tourism industry of the site.
\"Every other town has it, the small village will make a very cheap mascot, for example, they will piece it together from a carton and some fabric, it will be based on the design of eight local people. year-
Old, they will let this chaotic mascot wander around the town, \"Chris Carlier, the operator of the website of the British, Mondo mascot, who has lived in Japan for the past 16 years, told VICE.
Mascot culture is a big deal in Japan and it is used to promote reasons from health checks, civic obligations, shopping and sports teams.
There was even the appointment of a temporary police chief at the pear flower fair, Chiba.
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