glorious goodwood tips: templegate’s racing tips for all of itv’s races at goodwood and newmarket on saturday, august 4

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-09-29
GOODWOOD1. 50LET well-
The weighted boy in the bar took the drink in.
His last win last season was on the pitch and distance today, and he has won both winsweather.
How he slipped to a level of 5 lbs below track success in last May is confusing as he is not running very well.
The reason below is the soft ground
Last time in York, it never hurt to have Ryan Moore in the saddle.
After all the runs in Ayr on Monday, the militia soon dispatched.
He\'s a progress three. year-
They are always scary in such competitions.
Savvy Scottish coach Jim Goldie won the flight attendant\'s Cup six years ago with the old boy Eagle Eye essenau.
His golden steps have a great chance to win the comfort game.
He became very disabled and recently ran two sound games at 5f.
The trip was more suitable for him.
Tiil De Tigre walked another way on weight after landing the hat
The trick to win in June
All three victories were made on the track, but he was a lot of weight.
Other things to note are related and Shepherd dishes. 2.
Take the road to wealth with Walton Street.
12 months ago, he got a disability of 1m3f at this meeting, and in the winter of Dubai he looks to have improved.
Considering that he was a little enthusiastic in the early stages of being squeezed out, it was a crazy run when he returned to the field, when he was ranked third in Royal Ascot.
There won\'t be a problem running under his belt with a few extra Furons, so he must have a good chance.
The melted Dew represents a hat.
The skill of winning after Chelmsford and Sandown\'s victory over 1M2 f.
He is shaped as if he would like the steps of 1m6f, but I have a lingering question.
Through respiratory surgery, the old man often talks about restarting the action.
He won twice in the course and distance, and when the runner, he supported his possible success --
In the Shatton listing competition.
Mark Johnston will always be worried at this meeting.
He has won the game twice in the past three years, and this time he fired five bullets.
His study time has become frustrating and the last eight wins of watersmet have arrivedweather.
Hochfeld may show up at some point, but I prefer soldiers in action.
He won the meeting last year and weighed well. 3.
The Sun Girl should shine on Gordon\'s bet.
Sir Michael Stott quietly brought her in and she looked ready for the second set of tests. Her half-
At noon, my sister won the first group of Nassau bets three times, so she has the blood to make a promise.
My Fantasy won the Salisbury newbie game with an amazing 12-long start of her first season.
She was just behind Nassau champion crazy fantasy on Thursday, when she was in third place in Royal Ascot\'s libesdale and looked ready to take off. Derby runner-
There is no doubt that up Ex Bee has the best form.
In the two subsequent Irish Derby and Paris Grand Prix, he was not at his best.
It seems likely that he will go his own way in front of him, but the accelerated ground is a concern.
Despite his participation in Epsom\'s blue belt trials and Chester vases, he has not won this season.
Three were set up too-year-
The old pony is not a great group of people, so it is worth competing with Dee ex Bee in many ways.
Cross Counter last won Ascot\'s disability by group horse.
The game may not fit his patient style, but he is obviously smart. 3.
40 I have got the Trots for the Unibet flight attendant Cup.
Ms. Fox dance has prepared a lot for her in this crazy ups and downs.
After three victories in her last four games, her lifestyle improved rapidly.
Her most recent victory came from Red in the traditional sense --
At the July meeting last month, the new market was in trouble.
She won half that game.
On the way to this award, sister dancing stars and magical memories, this year\'s competition doesn\'t look as deep as usual.
If there are horses in the future, it is her.
Under the leadership of Ryan Moore, Spring Loaded will certainly be very popular.
He won the game last time at Ascot 5f and he did the same in today\'s overtime.
George Bowen broke Hamilton\'s record last month and he had it in his book.
The Silent Echo ran well in Wokingham.
He\'ll love the fast track, but it doesn\'t help last year\'s champion, lanslow Durak.
Qubench Dolly and Barrington are both outsiders, but they are much worse than both of them.
I throw a few pounds each-
They are at a huge odds. 2.
The wine glasses listed should be sports poetry.
The melody movement won all three hurdles she ran last season before the group stage ended.
She didn\'t start twice this season.
Ralph Beckett\'s filly clearly needs her first run of the season, and when the winner is seriously hampered, she looks forward to having similar challenges on track and travel today.
Haigao garden is runner-up
In that game, we can always go back to fourth place.
Under Frankie de Torry, high garden is likely to find its own way ahead, but I think they might attack her earlier.
This should help to set it up for melody movement.
Always change the sun visor to change the sheet.
She has a lot of ability, but she needs some motivation.
Mamselle looked promising last season, but she might want a softer ground. 2.
Pull some ropes on the disabled in this nursery.
In April, when she made her debut at newmarkt, The Strings of Life reached her goal.
It was disappointing to see her finish midfield in a New York-listed game, but sharp 5f could be the culprit.
She bounced back when the runner
Followed by the Royal invention.
In Ascot Group 3-in similar tracks and travel competitions.
She has achieved success over top weight.
Roger Varion then won Beverly\'s game in the form of a Chepstow newbie.
There were not many objections, and I was surprised that the disabled were so hard on her.
Ginger Nuts won the grand prize in Newbury\'s Super Sprint.
Over 5f, I don\'t believe she will be so good at distance.
Cookupastorm was defeated for the fifth time in that game, only one and a half long
On-site sales competition
Her weight will get closer and closer today, and the extra furlong will easily see her in the race.
Others shouted unbeaten quiet waters and porcelain women. Chelmsford1. 10 Seductive1. 40 Equitation2. 10 Procedure2. 45 Mekong3. 20 Margub3. 55 Nkahaytak4.
30 spring Praise5.
05 fake iddoncaster 2. 20 Atticus Boye55 Boitron3.
Hide Depth 4.
05 other se4. 40 Top Score5. 15 Revived5.
Consultation on corruption HaylahGoodwood1.
50 boys in the bar (nap)2.
25 Walton Street (treble)3. 00 Sun Maiden3.
Ms. Fox dance (40)nb)4. 15 Glory4.
50 restless spirit.
Month Delphi CrescentHamilton5.
50 Haoze black6
The glory of Angels. 50 Queen Penn7. 20 Tarboosh7. 50 Stanley8. 20 Natajack8.
50 iron skylingfield 4. 55 Three C’s5. 30 Boycie6.
05 willingforashilling6.
35 mobile Gold 705 Rux Ruxx7.
Fast recovery 8.
AirNewmarket2. 05, Switzerland
05 melody motion2.
40 string life 315 New Jazz3. 50 Talaaqy4. 25 Phantasmic5.
00 team decided 5.
35 Swiss Storm one
Consultation on corruption, three cards, Trick2.
Major partners.
Boy3. moon Bondi Beach.
Mon Beau Visage4.
I\'m Charlie4.
Captain jameson5.
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