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by:CAI YI JIE     2019-08-20
The special packaging group opens a new Kansas factory for the special packaging group (SPG)
Growth is not luxury.
This is a must.
April, Hamdon, Connecticut
Kansas-based Lenexa has opened a new $6 million factory, strategically expanding its geographic and diverse markets. SPG, No.
43 on the list of BE industrial/service 100, some top print cartons in the United States have been designed and manufactured
Sell consumer goods.
Tide detergent, Colgate toothpaste, Sara Lee food and other leading brands enter the store shelves inside the SPG packaging.
SPG\'s sales in 2000 were $82 million, the largest minority-
Self-owned manufacturer of American cardboard floor display folding cartonS.
\"We recognize that we need to diversify not only the markets we serve,by expanding]
Our customer base has also expanded our manufacturing capabilities . \"
Smith, president and CEO of SPG.
\"Although it is a difficult time for the economy, we launched an expansion plan in 1999.
\"Most of the money invested in the Lenexa facility is generated by the internal SPG cash flow,\" said Hai Smith.
Live in 60,000-sq. -ft.
Buildings held in long
Long term lease, the factory is equipped with Switzerland-made 8-
Color bostlemont 65 United States of AmericaV.
Jagenburg high-flexo cardboard PDQ and conversion line
Speed cement machine and wire shaft mold-cutter.
The first company in North America to deploy the servo system
Driven by technology, the SPG gains fast turnaround flexibility.
The goal in Kansas is health care, personal care, specialty foods and pets --care markets.
So far, the main market focus of SPG is dry cleaning, dry food and pet products companies. care markets--
Giants such as P & G, Pierce Bury and ClOx.
Howard Elliott, deputy director of vendor diversity at P & G, said the expansion of the SPG shows that the company is viable, thriving and able to adapt to multiple forms of technology.
\"This will enable them to expand their market with other Fortune 500 companies,\" Elliott said . \".
Last year, under the sponsorship of P & G, the SPG was designated as a \"company\" member of the Minority Supplier Development Committee (NMSDC)
Recognize its capacity across the country.
\"The company is able to position itself as an exponential growth that meets the needs of American companies for large minority companies that can survive as first --
\"We are a front-line supplier,\" Harriet R said . \"
Michelle, president of NMSDC
\"The Lenexa plant immediately offers additional capacity of $20 million to $25 million.
We expect this to double to $40 million to $50 million by the end of next year, with the installation of the second conversion line, \"said Hai Smith.
The SPG also did not forget the facility it acquired in 1998.
Its sheetfed litho cardboard PDQ plant in London, Ontario, Canada, added $20 million in capacity last year.
It\'s based in New York, and the reddison recessed cardboard PDQ plant has increased production capacity by $15 million this year.
SPG has a total of more than 500 employees and also operates a corrugated factory in Detroit that operates design/innovation centers in Hamden, Connecticut, and Cincinnati.
\"We think we are now ready to grow our business to nearly $0. 2 billion over the next few years,\" Hai Smith predicted . \".
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