holiday hell for tourists as their cash, jewellery and passports are stolen within minutes of arriving at heathrow by brazen thieves who distract them and hide in a getaway car driven by their son, 19

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-10-01
Tourists ruined their holiday within minutes of arriving in the UK as they were targeted by cheeky thieves who wiped their bags at the airport.
A stolen couple distracted holidaymakers in a phone store at Heathrow airport and then ran away with money, jewelry and passports in a runaway car.
CCTV footage showed 54-year-old Daniel Kennedy and 45-year-old Sasek\'s Dennis Blackburn laughing at their targets, who had just taken off from Ghana and landed before making plans
When the victim\'s back is facing the luggage cart, the couple will move their luggage.
Blackburn slowly hovered beside the store counter, standing next to a victim, blocking his view of his luggage.
When Kennedy covered his arm with a jacket, he quickly wiped it from the front of the trolley and grabbed a handbag.
The thief then left the store in a hurry with valuables, including cash and expensive watches.
Once the victim realized that their bag was missing, they reported it to the police, who soon began tracking the thief.
Police tracked the criminals through CCTV from the airport and found them within 48 hours.
Officials found that they tried to disperse the smell by driving into the airport parking lot, and then their 19-year-old son, Ryan Kennedy, drove them out while they hid behind and covered their jackets.
The police went to the couple\'s home to arrest them and found the money, an Armani watch --
Which one is Blackburn wearing?
There\'s a lot of marijuana.
On Monday, the three men pleaded guilty to charges against them in the Isleworth criminal court.
Daniel Kennedy was sentenced to two years and eight months in prison for stealing, otherwise driving under his driver\'s license without insurance.
He was also disqualified from driving for 16 months.
Blackburn was sentenced to 12 months in prison for theft and possession of marijuana, suspended for two years.
Ryan Kennedy was conditionally released for 12 months and banned from driving for a year because he was driving while he was disqualified, without insurance and without marijuana.
DCI Sharon Brookes of aviation police command said: \"I am very pleased that my team was able to return some stolen items to the victims.
British police are determined to protect people entering and leaving the UK from opportunities such as Blackburn and Daniel Kennedy.
The victims thanked PC Houston for his work and I am happy to see that they will continue their holiday in the UK afterwards.
Metropolitan Police said: \"This video reminds us to put our luggage in sight because it will disappear in the blink of an eye.
\"It\'s easy to get distracted at the airport because our attention is often focused on other things and it\'s troublesome to carry luggage, however, the benefits of staring at your bags are far more than the pain and destruction that they have been stolen.
In this case, a large amount of money, jewelry and the victim\'s passport were included in the stolen bag.
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