Holidays can be a reminder, there\'s no place like home

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-10-03
It is undoubtedly the best way to spend a month supervising your country.Looking from the outside Ozland can give you a point of view that you don\'t always get when you are ingrained in your daily life, and even make you appreciate the laws you take for granted andI think that\'s why the absence and the heart grow.Even if you spend time in a country that is not so different from your own countrylike England -There are always little quirks and quirks.
What we won is not an obvious comparison --Like the weather, the traffic and the crowd.I note that the main reason for this visit is the obvious smoking phenomenon.After all the work done in Australia to restrict useandharm from -Tobacco, other countries seem more reluctant to give up this habit.
Although the UK has recently dropped to under 20 adult smoking rates, this is by no means becauseCigarettes are visible behind the store counter.I was shocked when I saw them.After all, it has been 1/2 years since Australia decided they should stay in closed cabinets.The smoking rate in the state of Tasmania is still 21.
7 per cent is the highest in the country, but research shows that the impact of measures such as banning retail displays and introducing general packaging in 2011 are changing attitudes towards smoking and motivating people to quit smoking.After consulting itin 2012 and dismissing the issue, the British government is now reviewing its position on summary packaging.I am smug at Australia\'s lead in this regard;No expert advice has been heard from other countries.
I was also shocked to cross the Emirates airport to a corner and get into the smoky area --The Justan area is not a closed room.I quickly backed back with a stroller.It has been eight years since the ban on smoking in bars and restaurants in the state of Tasmania to prevent the harm of passive smoking.(Don\'t be drunk again because of your cigarette smell --Clothes and hair ).
On the other hand, when I read from a distance that the disaster in Australia overturned the bill, my heart breathed a sigh of relief --Sexual marriage lawAs soon as the ink on the couple\'s marriage certificate dried up, they found that their marriage had to be abolished.As they said, three steps forward and two steps back.It\'s also interesting to see what local media are excited about and how they treat big international news.
In addition to the Ashes, Nelson Mandela\'s death produced many columns of inches (in the first 24 hours, reported on television every second ).New parents Wells and Kate (a rare date night) left the London premiere of the Mandela biographical film and when they were interviewed by reporters, the royalty did not know about it and they wereA court case involving housewife Lawson has also attracted attention.It turned out that the trial was not about whether two staff members had defrauded thousands of pounds from Lawson.
But whether or not MsLawson has taken cocaine (she has ).As a result, the women under investigation were excluded from the charges.In addition to the large number of retail opportunities, Thomas, family and friends in the tank area, and the incredible Yorkshire valley, give me the chance to go to Australia every day.
There is sunshine, there is sunshine, there is fresh air.I am very grateful to some laws, including those that protect me from others --hand smoke.Now I\'m home and I have enough time to plan my next trip.
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