How to achieve an annual increase of 10 billion in express delivery and 5.5 billion in packaging?

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-01-19

 On the morning of December 28, according to the real-time monitoring of the postal industry safety supervision information system of the State Post Bureau, a express parcel sent from Shaanxi Wugong to Beijing became the 50 billionth express mail in 2018. Since the '13th Five-Year Plan', China's express delivery industry has maintained rapid growth, with an average annual growth rate of 10 billion pieces. Since 2014, China's express delivery business has ranked first in the world for five consecutive years, surpassing the sum of developed economies such as the United States, Japan and Europe, and has become the power source and stabilizer for the world postal industry.

 Feng Lihu, spokesperson of the State Post Bureau, said that the annual sales of online express sales has reached nearly 6.9 trillion yuan, accounting for more than 19% of the retail sales of social consumer goods, becoming a representative of the new economy and an important force for new economic development. The express service manufacturing industry has formed 318 key projects, generating approximately 836 million express delivery business a year, driving the total output value of the manufacturing industry to approximately 217.294 billion. The annual cross-border e-commerce trade volume exceeded 350 billion.

 Feng Lihu said that in terms of green development, express green packaging work has been included in the postal industry for one of the seven realities of the people's livelihood for two consecutive years. The green packaging pilot program of the express delivery industry has been implemented in eight provinces and cities and five brand express delivery companies. The express delivery company has successively implemented the tape “slimming plan” to reduce the width of the tape by more than 25%. It is expected to reduce the amount of tape by at least 100 million meters per year.

 According to preliminary statistics, major brand express delivery companies can reduce the amount of express packaging products by 5.5 billion per year by adopting measures such as reducing over-packaging and recycling cartons; the popularity of electronic waybills is increased to 92%, and at least 31.4 billion yuan of traditional cardboard pallet display waybills can be saved each year. Zhang. The healthy development of “Green Express” is becoming a common practice.

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