How to Build a Wooden Display Easel

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-12-13
Wooden display stands are ideal for displaying home artwork, community event posters, personal bulletin boards, and chalk boards.
They are portable and perfect for folding in your car for easy transportation to family parties, parties or business talks.
They can be placed on the table top or on the floor.
It is easy to make easel with some simple materials and a few hours in the store at home. Cut the 5/8-
Inch flat Model 4 pieces.
Cut three of them 22 inch long, and cut one 10 inch long.
Polish any rough edges with 120grit sandpaper.
Set the angle of the saw cut to 67 1/2-degrees.
Degree cut of two top in 5/8
Flat model.
Polish any rough edges with 120grit sandpaper.
Place three pieces 22-
The inch plane forming faces towards a working surface and clamping them together flush along the top edge so that the sides of the two 67 are 1/2-
The inch angle cuts face each other and is firmly pressed against the uncut central part.
Three pieces are clipped together to form about 30-Triangle of degree. Drill a 1/8-
1/2 inch down from the top through the inches holes of three pieces of wood that are clamped. Push the 1/8-inch by 2-
The inch black stove bolt through the holes in three pieces of wood.
Attach the wing nut to the bolt and tighten it.
Remove the clip.
You now have a tripod for the display stand.
Measure 3 inch up from the bottom of two side blocks of 5/8
Inch flat mold, draw a small pencil line on the back of each side plate.
Place the tripod face down.
Locate the block of 10-inch 5/8-
Inch Flat dies go horizontally through the back of the two side plates and flush on the side, placing the bottom of the Plate along the pencil line. Pre-drill 1/16-
10-inch holes on both sides
Inch plate, through 10-
Inch plate and 1/4-
Inch to the back of the side plate.
Screw two 1-
10-inch black wooden screws-
Inch plate of two side plates.
This is the rear cross.
A bracket of the easel.
Turn over the easel and put it up.
Measure 2 inch up from the bottom of the two side plates and make a light pencil mark in the middle. Drill one 3/8-
The inches hole in the center of each side plate is about 1/4-
You made a pencil mark on the wood.
1 1/4 glue
Inch pins for these holes.
The pin is the bracket that displays the item.
Two screws 1/2-
Inch brass screw hook.
Screw one of the hooks into 10-
Inch cross-pieces and 4 other 1/2-
Up inches from the bottom of center 22-
Inch flat template.
Connect the brass chain to two hooks.
With 3/4-nail three black rubber foot pads to the bottom of each template
One inch flat head DingTalk.
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