How To Choose a Foundation?

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-08-09
There are a lot of things to consider when picking the ideal foundation for your skin.There are many different options for a particular type of skin.Before picking up the first foundation that looks close to the skin tone on the shelf, you need to consider your skin type and skin tone.
With the right foundation, you can do it without makeup.Before picking a foundation, here are all the things you need to consider.What is your skin type?What is your skin type?Is your skin normal, dry, oily or mixed?To determine your skin type, you need to consider how oily your skin is and where it is most oily.
If your skin never looks greasy or dry, then your skin type is normal.If your skin is flaky and dry, your skin is dry.Oily skin will feel smooth or slippery.Some people have oil stains in some places and some people have dry skin.
This is the combination skin.
Usually the cheeks and chin are dry and greasy on the forehead, nose and chin.This is the so-called \"t\"zoneâx80x99.If you have a normal skin type, you can get away with almost any type of foundation.If you are prone to skin rupture or skin sensitivity, then avoid using liquid foundation and pick a mineral foundation.
People with oily or composite skin should always adhere to the use of mineral powder.They will make your skin perfect and will not make your skin look greasy.People with dry skin should choose a liquid foundation that does not contain cardboard hook displayand contains moisturizing ingredients.
You can even add primer to your skin first to achieve the anti-dew effect.What is your skin color?You also need to consider the color of your skin color.The skin color of each person has a color below;It is beneficial to know what you are.
Similarly, the base color also has a base color.You should always choose a foundation that matches your own base color to replenish your skin.If you have a pink base, then you need to choose a foundation with a pink base.
If you have more yellow or olive tones on your skin, then you need to choose a foundation in yellow or olive tones.Sometimes it\'s hard to match your base, so you might want to pull up a color chart or ask a professional at the cosmetics counter to match your base.You also have the option to mix the base customization to create an exact match.
Make sure the Foundation blends perfectly with your neck.What is your skin care needs?There are many benefits to wearing certain foundation, so you should choose the foundation that suits your personal skin care needs.Some bases contain-Very suitable for aging ingredients of mature skin.
Other foundations have been developed specifically to clean up acne, which is perfect for acneprone skin.There are also a lot of foundation suitable for sensitive skin on the market.When you pick a foundation for daytime outdoor activities, UV protection should always be the top priority, so look for a foundation that provides SPF protection.
You also need to consider the level of coverage you need.If you have red hair, blemishes, or acne scars, you may want to choose a foundation with a wider coverage.A thick base tends to provide more coverage, but make sure the base you choose is not so thick that it gets smaller and smaller.
If you have a slight flaw or discoloration, a light or medium covered Foundation is ideal for you.People with clear skin color may want to skip the foundation completely and choose a colored moisturizer or BB cream.They still offer some insurance, but they are lighter and purer.
If your skin tone is good, you may choose this one because it feels fresher and better for your skin.What is your budget?Some foundations may be expensive.High end foundations can run over $60, so it\'s always a good idea to try it before you buy it.
Many cosmetic counters will give you samples for a few days.This will give you a good idea of how the foundation looks or feels.Some pharmacy brands offer coupons on weekly flyers.
Combine coupons with sales and you can stock up within a year.You can also go online to find beauty websites that offer free samples.If you\'re really starting to try a base that\'s a bit expensive and can\'t find it anywhere where samples are provided, make sure you check the store\'s return policy.
Most stores will allow you to return the open cosmetics.It\'s also a good idea to check reviews online before purchasing.Once you have found the ideal product, you will know the price of it and can incorporate it into your beauty budget.
After all, the right foundation to make your skin look and feel great is priceless
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