How to Collect Vintage Cigar Boxes

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-09-03
Older cigar boxes are a lot more than regular, simple cartons that are re-used to store crayons or random trashDrawer material-They may be made of wood, metal or even glass, and they have potential value.Factors such as rarity, conditions, and integrity affect the value of any vintage cigar box, but collecting them may just appreciate their shape, or find stamped or printed advertisements on the outside and inside of the box.The cigar box, no matter what it is made of, is not ideal if the conditions are poor.
For example, a rare cardboard pallet display or wood cigar box that has suffered severe water or insect damage, or is covered with mold and mold, may be of lower value than similar products, the common pieces with good shape are slightly more.Problems such as mold and mildew may be cleaned from wooden cases, but it is not easy to clean on cardboard pallet display and cartons because cleaning may damage the artwork.Again, mildew may spread into other boxes of your collection, so either avoid them or store them separately from the original item.
Some cigar boxes, especially those related to historical events, or offer only a short period of time, can be very rare and ideal for collectors.If you are looking for rare boxes, looking for boxes that commemorate historical events, such as political elections for a century --A luxury cigar box or suitcase customized for elite smokers, characterized by complex carvings or shapes.While rectangular wooden cases account for most of all cigar boxes since the end of 1800, this shape is not the only type of cigar box available.
The novelty box has the shape of a log cabin or even a bus with wheels.Some wood boxes were deliberately designed to look like jewelry boxes, equipped with metal hardware, encouraging buyers to purchase based on future use of empty boxes.In the 1900 s, the tin cigar box was designed to be used repeatedly as a lunch box with a handle on the lid.
As cigar boxes are often re-used as regular storage, many vintage boxes survive at least in fair conditions.Search for real estate sales, yard sales and thrift stores in your collection.Cigar boxes are also sold online, but checking the cigar boxes in person will allow you to notice defects or mildew that may not be noticeable when browsing pictures and text online.
In real estate sales, search the garage because sometimes the box is used to store random small parts.The boxes may be a bit dirty, but the result may be a price cut
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