How to Enhance RV Lighting

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-10-07
Use rechargeable, lightweight RV stick lights to enhance external lighting, usually for 20 hours between charges.As of June 2010, there are two products to choose from: suction cups and magnetic brackets.After you enhance the exterior of the RV with new lighting options, use solar panels and other fixtures to enhance the direction, strength and color scheme of the interior lighting pattern of the RV, and then click-on devices.
Description difficulty: moderate purchase of RV stick lights from local RV or auto parts dealers.Prices vary, but as of June 2010, an RV light pole would cost about $400.Install the RV on the outside of the RV for additional lighting, or use it as a traction light when traveling in remote areas or along a dark highway.
Use a generator or power outlet to charge the RV stick light.Charging times can vary, so be sure to read the manufacturer\'s instructions on charging times.Hang the RV string lights along the outside of the RV.
It is safe to use string lights in a humid environment.Fix the lights on both sides of the roof and RV using a zipper.Most RV lights require 60 watts of light bulbs and enhanced lighting during camping at night.
Install the globe lamp onto the RV awning using the mounting kit provided by the manufacturer.Earth lights are broken, waterproof and weather resistant.Earth lights in bronze, white, transparent, Patriot and purple/yellow.
Install RV solar lighting panels that require special equipment and installation kits.Buy from RV Solar store or online.Choose between a solar flashlight, a solar awning light and a 12VDC fluorescent bulb that does not require power from a generator or an electrical connection to a RV Park or camp.Additional RV light fixtures can be installed above the door frame and mirror, or on hard surfaces such as RV ceiling, board and wall and door.
Choose between common lighting options such as Stripe lighting and recessed lighting, which means stripe lighting is attached to hard surfaces such as walls ), this means that a circular light is installed between the ceiling beams of your RV.Professional installation is required for embedded lighting.Mount stick-and-As of June 2010, the cost of clicking on the light was about $15.
Clean the surface where you will install the stick-and-Click on the light using a wet ultra-slim cloth, which is to capture and remove dust and dirt.Hard surfaces such as walls, panels or window frames are ideal.Press the light on a hard surface and wait for 10 seconds for the tape or suction cup to stick to the surface.
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