how to fix push notifications on xiaomi\'s miui 8, for real

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-09-28
Eight days since I posted my review of Xiaomi pioneer Mi Mix ---
It mentions MIUI\'s active battery optimization settings
Cancel push notification--
I received six emails and tweets asking how I solved the problem.
At first, before I realized I should write a quick guide here, I answered each query one by one.
On Xiaomi\'s mobile phone, it\'s not a rare problem that push notifications don\'t pass (
Huawei mobile phone).
Doing a Google search on this issue will pop up dozens of results: So much so I wonder if this is really an oversight/error (
Maybe Chinese handset makers don\'t believe in push notifications. .
I also Googled and tried to fix the problem, but I found that most of the solutions on the Web are not adequate.
They usually recommend going into app notifications in settings and giving the app the highest priority and making sure the app is excluded from the phone\'s battery optimization feature.
Well, these two steps are not enough to solve the issue of interrupt notification on my Huawei P9 Plus or Xiaomi Mi Note 2/Mi Mix.
Instead, it took me an hour or two to experiment over and over again before I found the solution, go into each setting and turn this and that on and off.
So here are five steps to fix the break notification for my Xiaomi Mi Mix and Xiaomi Mi Note 2 running Xiaomi\'s latest software MIUI 8.
Please note that the five steps I am not 100% sure must--
All I know is that I tried steps 1, 2, 3 first and my notification doesn\'t work.
I tried 2, 3, 4 but did not succeed.
Push notifications didn\'t start to pass on time until I added step 5.
It is possible that you only need step 5.
Since the battery life of my two Xiaomi phones was excellent after all five steps, I just left it.
I suggest you try step 5 first to see if this will solve the problem.
If not, complete all five steps.
I assure you that the battery life of Xiaomi\'s new phone will remain strong.
Here are: 1: Go to Settings--
> Manage the battery usage of the app--> choose apps.
From there, select all the apps that you want to receive push notifications, and then select unlimited \".
\"2: Enter the settings--> permissions --> autostart.
From there, select the app you want to receive the notification and switch the switch to turn it on.
3: enter settings--
> App notification--
> Select the application you want to receive the notification, and then turn on the priority switch.
4: Lock the app in the recent app/app overview plane.
By launching the app and then pressing the recent app/overview button \"(
This is the square button on the Android stock, or the button with three horizontal lines on the Mi Mix).
From there, find the app you want to receive the notification and pull it down to \"lock\" so it won\'t be cleared.
5: The last step requires developer option permissions.
To enable this feature, go to settings \"(man. . .
I\'m tired of typing go to settings \". . . )--> about phone--
> Click the MIUI version tab 8 times.
You should then receive a message saying \"you are a developer now.
Then go back to the settings, go to the developer option, scroll to the bottom, find \"memory optimization\" and close it.
Maybe you just need step 5.
I know that my Whatsapp and Gmail notifications didn\'t start sending in real time until I finished this step.
I would like to reiterate that MIUI is a great Android skin and one of my favorite skins (
As well as Meizu\'s Flyme and LG\'s UI).
The notice of the interruption was frustrating at first, but once you fixed it, the phone (
Quote my man, flucey Carter), a major go.
Oh yes, if you have a Huawei phone and have the same problem, here is also a guide on how to solve this problem.
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