How to get rid of Cockroaches for Good

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-10-04
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They say that if you see cockroaches running freely during the day, you may have hundreds of cockroaches hiding tightly in your kitchen --
Cabinets, wall baseboards, carpets, furniture, bathrooms, TVs, or wherever they may open a shop in your home or home.
Cockroaches are like elite commandos in the insect world;
They are resilient, robust, fast, secluded, and adaptable.
They move under the cover of darkness, with a purpose and a high degree of motivation.
If the cockroach sees you first
It can be very difficult to catch and kill.
But, among the hundreds who may be present, killing one or several people is only a small step towards a complete victory over the cockroach problem.
A female cockroach can have 150 offspring each year.
Therefore, if it is not controlled, the cockroach problem may become a cockroach infection for a period of time.
It\'s hard to clear cockroaches forever, especially if you don\'t know what you\'re facing.
Aerosol tanks using pesticides, spray some confirmed and suspicious spots, and the dose is small even if it does not destroy the cockroach population.
You must reach the main cockroach nest with poison.
Cockroaches like to thrive in warm, dark and humid places where they can get food sources.
As long as there is water supply, they can also thrive in dry conditions.
Cockroaches are perishable animals, so any rotten or fermented food, such as fruit or any type of organic matter, will even produce wood glue, and the insulating shell around some wires is a feast for these creatures.
How cockroaches are brought home from the grocery store.
When a cockroach lives between cracks and seams in a grocery or food factory carton, it may not be found.
Cartons are one of the ideal places for cockroaches to enjoy life and breeding.
Some types of cartons need to pay attention to the corrugated boxes that usually store fruits and vegetables.
Used furniture, a cockroach can live on the glue on the stamp for about a year.
Some coffee tables, sofas, countertops have a certain degree of woodworking glue in the construction.
Cockroaches can thrive and breed by eating the glue in these furniture.
These household items are also prone to food scraps in or around their general area, enough to make them the ideal cockroach farm or motel.
So, maybe there\'s a whole community of cockroaches living on the old coffee table you just saw on the yard for sale.
They come in from the outside from a warm place and cockroaches often live outside.
They can find their way home like any other insect, under the blockage of the front or back door, even through pipes, vents and pipes, cracks or holes around the vents of your outer wall
Putting a cockroach on can be taken to your residence, wearing someone\'s clothes, such as a jacket or handbag, or even from the shoes inside, cockroaches usually wear warm shoes when foraging, because shoes are wet and dark sometimes. .
These conditions are perfect for a cockroach looking for food.
This is one of the many ways cockroaches are transported to their new home.
However, a rouge cockroach cannot build an empire in your house, it takes two or more hours and living conditions must be friendly to cockroaches.
Usually, the cockroach nest or cockroach concentration will be found under the cable, sink, refrigerator in the kitchen/bathroom, or hidden in the open seam or gap at the top of the kitchen counter, which is usually dark and humid.
Sometimes, because garbage and organic bins are sometimes placed under the sink of some kitchens, fresh food is served unconsciously, providing the perfect conditions for the life and breeding of cockroaches.
Aerosol pesticides generally have a lot of chemistry and non-
Chemical pesticides on the market can kill common cockroaches.
With spray pesticides, the spray must be in direct contact with the cockroach in order to kill the cockroach.
Even if you think that cockroaches will leave, you will send tests to other cockroaches. not all cockroaches will take the same route, and not all cockroaches need to take risks to find food.
This means that in order to effectively use spray pesticides, you have to get in close contact with individuals, spray directly on cockroaches or nests, and make sure that nothing is missing inside and outside that infected area.
Some spraying pesticides will last for 2 weeks on the surface, but once the oxygen in the air begins to interact with the pesticide liquid, the effectiveness begins to decline.
In North America, due to government regulations and restrictions, the chemical formula used by shops when buying household pesticides is getting weaker and the effect of killing cockroaches is getting worse.
In addition, the effectiveness of purchasing pesticides in stores has declined over the years;
The million-year-old cockroach is a genetic miracle and one of the real survivors.
For years, regular cockroaches have adapted and become more immune to most stores
I bought pesticides.
Pesticide powder or pesticide chalk powder pesticide and chalk pesticide are low toxicity, strong and efficient for killing cockroaches and other organisms such as ants, lice and lice.
This pesticide spreads in areas where cockroach activity is frequent, such as bins, under kitchen cabinets and skirting boards.
When the cockroach is in contact with powder from any part of the body, the insect\'s nervous system will not work properly and it will die within 4-10 hours.
Exposed cockroaches will bring the poison back to the nest area and pass the poison through-
The whole cockroach colony, in turn, will become.
Wipe them clean forever.
The active ingredients in most efficient chalk and powder pesticide formulations are boron.
Boron is non-toxic, odor-free and safe for the environment, humans and pets.
The most popular and effective household pesticides are chalk.
Chalk pesticides are very easy to use and you can use on a vertical surface (
You can\'t put powder pesticides on the wall easily).
The result of the chalk pesticide is immediate, lasting, and permanent.
The chalk line is drawn in and around the active cockroach area in a way that leaves the cockroach with no choice but to cross or touch the white chalk line.
These lines should be 2 or 3 inch apart, so the chalk formula takes effect when cockroaches cross or even just touch the lines, and they are quickly treated briefly.
As shown in one of the pictures.
Magic Chalk pesticides have been around since 1987.
It is made in China, but can be found in any market in Asia, West India or East India, possibly anywhere in the world.
Each box sells enough. 50 cents.
You get two non
Toxic white chalk stick, no smell, powerful and effective cockroach and insect killer.
You can handle this product with your bare hands and then wash them.
This product can greatly reduce the concentration of even radiating cockroaches.
If used properly.
There is no need for TV commercials, advertisements or gimmicks on these things.
You either know from word of mouth or don\'t.
Hiring a exterminator and hiring a professional pest control company to do the job can be costly.
However, it is of great value to spend money on clearing your pest home.
The $2 to $3 you spend on reputable exterminators will be rewarded;
Doing the job well for the first time will speed up the whole process of freeing these creatures from your space forever.
You will benefit from the Health Station.
Another point is that when you entertain guests, you can feel at ease knowing that a cockroach will not run past the counter.
A good pest control professional will do the following
Visit and educate their customers on how to prevent cockroaches from reappearing in the future.
They show customers all the areas where cockroaches gather and why they are there, and they teach customers how not to provide living conditions for cockroaches, involving cleaning and United Nations precautions
Mess up the main way to make sure the cockroaches don\'t come back
Build a presence in your home.
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