How to Keep Cool Camping in an RV Without Air

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-10-07
One of the benefits of camping in a RV is that you have built-But you may find you camping without air.A problem with your air conditioning or lack of electricity can put your RV in a mess of overheating, which makes it difficult for you to fall asleep and live.However, even without air conditioning, it is easy to keep cool in the RV.
Description difficulty: cover the window slightly easily with dark curtains or cloth blocks during the day.When the sun shines inside the RV, it brings extra heat to the car.You can reduce some heat by blocking the sun from entering the room.
Open all the windows of the RV at night and let the air flow through the camper.Opening the window during the day will only help in the case of a breeze, but in the evening you have a better chance of cooling by doing so.It allows more air to circulate through the RV, especially when you open the vents on the roof.
Use the solar lights instead of the lights in the RV.The traditional lights found in the RV send out a small amount of heat.There is as much light coming out of the Solar light, but there is no heat.
All you have to do is put the solar lights outside, charge them during the day and bring them in at night.Reduce the heat inside the RV in any way possible, especially when the outdoor temperature rises.An easy way is to cook most of your food outside instead of using a stove and oven in your RV.
Whenever you use an appliance, it causes the temperature inside the camper to rise.Install a camping fan on the ceiling of the RV.The camping fan is different from the normal fan because the fan uses the battery instead of relying on power.
Putting one or two fans on the ceiling helps the air to cycle through the camper and reduce the temperature.Tip: WarningsArticle is full by Jennifer EblinJennifer EblinFree writer since 2006.Her work appears on several websites, including toolbox stories and Zonder.
Eblin received a master\'s degree in historical protection from Savannah College of Art and Design
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