how to make a cardboard stand up of someone!

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-09-18
So you want someone to stand up?
You can make one for only a few hours and a few dollars.
Now, I \'ve just stood up with my brother, but imagine all the possibilities.
Who would be the first to make all the furniture cardboard stand up in a friend\'s living room.
Take a picture of the living room.
Move all the furniture.
Install cardboard brackets in their respective locations!
There are two, maybe three, ways to make cardboard stand up.
First of all, you can let others do one for you.
The figure for a 6\'4 is about $165.
Shipment is not included at 00.
A cheaper way is to take pictures and split them into parts the size of a desktop printer.
Only ink and paper will be spent.
It\'s too cheap if you have a decent printer and can handle some lines.
I want more.
I have a photo of my brother\'s real-life size printed in Kinkos and I put it on the cardboard myself.
Cost about 125.
Remember they charge by square foot.
Small people, small cardboard PDQ costs.
The cost of cardboard PDQ the 6\'4 brothers reached $110.
00, student discount 10%About 15.
Month for foamcore gluesticks.
Get the biggest megapixel camera.
The larger the Pixel, the better the printed image.
I would recommend at least a 7 pixel camera.
They are common now.
You can rent a 12-pixel camera in some camera rental stores.
The next step involves zooming in on a photo, a smaller pixel will give you pixelated, and the higher pixel will not be affected much.
The picture below is what we want to avoid.
This will be a 4-pixel photo enlarged to the size of a real person.
A good tip here is to use a background that doesn\'t have much clutter.
Otherwise, you will spend more time isolating the images.
The green screen works as you can later remove the green in photoshop or other image handlers.
So, look for a beautiful wall or use a piece of material as the background.
Remember, the square feet you will pay.
I don\'t think I\'m 100% sure you\'ll have to pay more if you leave in the background.
I deleted it backstage.
Use the magic wand tool to delete the background.
Control button when you click add patch of the same color and make it easier :)
There are a lot of tutorials on wand tools and techniques, just Google it to get some ideas.
In the picture below, the first one is the original one.
The second is to remove the background.
The third is the land added behind.
Remember that if you want to make a cardboard stand, you need a base to support your figure.
If I do one more, I will fill the gap between his legs.
It makes it look more realistic.
Fill it with a neutral color like Gray.
Gray will mix with other colors to make it more real.
Brilliant White was too prominent in the last stand.
Zoom in on your image using any photo editing software.
In Photoshop CS, I demonstrated how to zoom in on the image.
Before that, I would suggest closing all applications.
Blow up the image into life-
Some computer resources/memory are required for size.
I have a 3 ghz 1 gb memory PC with a nice graphics card and it took me a minute or two.
But things stopped moving, but it was still \"rendered\" and had Photoshop do its work and take a break.
So now, in order to print this lifetime-sized image, you have to find a larger printer.
Kinkos will do up to 36 \"maybe more, check it carefully?
If you have access to a wide format printer, you can save $ here.
This is the case with the printer.
Do you know the difference between a drawing machine and a printer?
Is the drawing machine a simple line?
Anyway, I went with kincos.
Please keep in mind that there are different cardboard PDQ quality/types.
I print on smooth cardboard pallet display.
You can print different finishes on different materials.
They have a sample brochure with good different options.
Go and see what works for you.
Basically I got the glossy paper.
The things you buy print your own photos are very similar.
Remind me here.
Completing any liquid on the photo can make them bleed.
Any sandpaper or rough surface can also destroy the image.
The good side is the cheapest, $7 per square foot.
After getting the printed photo, unwrap it, take the \"spring\" out, fully expand, and place the book on a corner or other weighted object.
Let it sit all night.
If you have any experience with this and are aware of better technology, please add me a comment or private message!
I couldn\'t find cardboard floor display long enough to finish the project, so I chose foamcore.
The thickness of the standard foamcore peices is 30 \"by 40\" by 3/16 \"inches.
For a smooth-skinned 6\' 4 person, the 2 peices of foamcore are enough to install the photos.
However, you need to build structural support and \"legs \".
I started by trimming the excess white on the photo.
Fix the two foamcore peices together from the back with more foamcore I, then use the spray mounting image of 3 m Company, called Super 77.
Note that although it is completely convenient to use and cheap, I recommend testing with other adhesives.
I will try to use Kinkos back glue photo paper.
Just peel and stick.
I ended up spraying foamcore with Super 77 at one time.
Super 77 is fast and cheap, but it is not possible to do anything after the photo is in contact with the Super 77 adhesive on foamcore.
So I had some bubbles.
If you squander the bubbles, they will wrinkle.
I initially trimmed the excess white photo paper from the outline of my brother\'s photo to about 2 inch.
I want to trim it further after I have installed it.
I found that having a white \"outline\" around the entire image was a highlight.
It also adds a professional look.
However, a few minutes later I realized that there was no complete white outline around my brother.
I used the Dremel tool and soon found that the \"routing\" bit gave a better cut at a certain depth.
I made a slum routing attachment with pen and tape, but my Dremel originally had a good routing attachment.
Basically, use this setting and cut around the image, all the way using a white border of about a quarter of an hour.
This photo is glued to foamcore.
The thicker area of the foamcore as a back support is a bit difficult to cut.
They have made more efforts and strength.
Thicker areas make it easier to \"kick back\" or \"kick in\" because the Dremel tool sometimes wants to drift into your image!
If you raise your dreams to a higher level, it will reduce a bit, but reduce your image better and truly with strong and stable hands.
Clean up your mess.
I personally like the elements of surprise, capture the first reaction, collect the first impression, and see the faces of the surprise.
Hide your seams :)
Art is trying to hide, right?
Who quote?
I am going to buy a recordable hallmark card.
I want to be a fake rap star propaganda station.
Record a song or some lyrics, and even interesting phrases that people can push and play.
You can add a flag to the front, or you can add a talk bubble.
There are many options here.
I will soon add a picture of the brother next to his cardboard stand. :)
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