how to make a cardboard standup

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-09-18
I run a small library with a very limited budget, so I have to be creative in decorating.
I decided to start making my own standups as a way to promote various programs in the library.
You need this project. . .
You can bring it yourself or find it online.
The higher the resolution of the photo, the better it looks after zooming in.
If the image has a background, you don\'t like to clean it up using the photo editing software.
I decided to use one of my cats.
Figure out how big you want your final project to be.
This site does a pretty good job of converting pixels to inches and inches to pixels.
Then put the image into SmillaEnlargerThen and set the output height.
There are other options, but the height usually gives the best result.
Numbers are in pixels.
Use the website in step 2 to calculate how many pixels will give you the height you want.
You need to check the dpi settings for your printer.
Select a name for your enlarged photo and select where you want it to be saved.
Click zoom in and save to save the photo.
Now we are ready to print the enlarged photos.
There are several different businesses, both online and physical, that have the ability to print large images on a large piece of paper.
We don\'t have this ability, so we have to print photos on multiple sheets of paper.
Open the enlarged image in Microsoft Paint.
Then go to the File> print> page settings screen and set the margins all to 0.
It will then default to the smallest number possible.
Under zoom, select Adjust to 100% normal size \".
It will then show you how many pages the picture will print.
Click OK and print your picture.
In the process, I forgot to take pictures with my cat photos.
This is the previous Batman stand I made for our superhero theme summer reading project.
I trim the pages with a quilting ruler and a rotary knife, but any straight edges and blades should work.
I highly recommend using a cutting pad to protect any surface you cut.
It\'s time to put these files on the blackboard.
I\'m using foam.
Easy to find and cheap.
You can use cardboard, but the cardboard floor display is not hard and does not work for larger items.
I suggest laying all the pieces of paper on the foam core first.
This way, you can plan how many foam cores you need and see which layout works best.
If you need more than a piece of foam core board, connect the paper together with tape before you start sticking it to them.
Spray foam core with adhesive first.
I found that 3 m multi-purpose glue spray works best.
Once you spray the adhesive, start discharging the cardboard pallet display at once.
Most spray adhesives are cheesy, so you can adjust the paper in a short time.
Continue to drop the paper and re-apply the spray glue as needed until all the paper is glued down.
Once all the files are stuck, we need to seal the seams.
Cover all seams with mod podge using foam brush.
I use the type that is only for paper and matte finishes.
Once the seams are dry, trim the edges of the item into any desired shape.
The last part of the process is to make a statement about the role.
If you just want to put something on the wall or at the end of the shelf, you can ignore the last step.
Cut a piece of cardboard or foam Velcro about the height of the Standing character and about 4 \"wide.
Cut about 5 degrees angle at the bottom.
This will cause the stand to lean slightly back.
Cut a steeper angle if you want it to tilt more. Take self-
Glue Velcro and attach one to the middle of the cardboard holder and the other to the edge of the holder.
You want Velcro to be the same even at the bottom of the stand.
Connect the bracket to the back of the bracket.
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