How to Mulch with Cardboard

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-09-03
Weed removal and soil improvement.It works especially well for beds built in recycled lawns or very overgrown areas. creates an almost indestructible layer for the suppression of weeds, while further corrections are carried out on top of it, improving the quality of the soil. covers are usually used to create new beds and install in the fall, at least six months before you plan to plant in the covered area.
You can also use it around existing SUGEN plants to suppress stubborn weeds and keep moisture in the soil.Trim any grass or weeds in the lowest position with a mower blade.Leave the grass crumbs in place because they add nutrients to the bed when breaking down.
Open the open carton at the seams so you have a large cardboard floor display.Use a sharp tool knife and cut it off the body to avoid injury.Lay the cardboard on the ground.Overlap the edges by 4 inch so that there is no weed going through the seams between the boxes.
Water the cardboard until it is completely wet.Moisture helps keep the cardboard in place and accelerate the decomposition of the cardboard.Spread 1 to 3 inch of finished compost on top of the cardboard layer.
Add a 3-An inch layer of wood or straw on compost.The layers further improved the soil and suppressed the weeds on the bed
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