how uttar pradesh is coping with the seven-phase election

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-08-10
The seven-
Phase elections in Uttar Pradesh could mean a level
Provide venues for all players, but a bit of an advantage for BJP.
The state has already voted in five stages, with 27 seats remaining from April 11-5 to the 19 th.
The 2014 sabsabha elections were held in six phases.
While ordinary voters are generally indifferent to scheduling, those who talk to Hinduism say that the longer the election takes, the better the ruling party will be. K. K.
Patel, a research scholar at Prayagraj, who opposes the BJP, said the calendar is suitable for the ruling party because it allows time to show its microscopic
Work through the level of its workforce.
\"It helps them clear any
Because party workers can cover more areas.
They are even talking about new roads in our area . \"Patel says.
Amar Dipp, who works for a cardboard PDQ agency, said that due to behavioral norms that limit the movement of vehicles, the schedule has caused fatigue and affected the business.
He believes that although it is difficult for the BJP to maintain \"voter enthusiasm\", it has the opportunity to fight back --
Attack the opposition.
\"Just before Phase 5, Masood Azhar was declared a terrorist.
This is helpful to the BJP.
I believe there will be some other things before the vote on May 19 . \"Deep says. R. D.
Tripathi, a senior Lucknow
Reporters say the schedule is appropriate for the BJP and SP alliance with BSP.
Both sides have time to hold a rally in a \"relaxed\" manner, and the extra time allows both sides to do betterLevel Planning \".
While some observers believe the schedule is appropriate for the BJP as it allows its star activists
Modi will cover more areas
There is no obvious disadvantage in the league, Mr triparsi said.
Unlike the BJP has announced very early before the Assembly and meeting schedule, SP-
The BSP alliance started their joint operation later.
Their first rally in Sahara Poole was held on April 7, only four days from the first phase. However, Mr.
Tripathi said the long schedule allowed the alliance to compensate for the delay and communicate their alliance to their cadres and supporters.
It may allow SP-
BSP will hold rallies in places like Bhadohi and JaunpurTripathi says.
However, sp mlc Udaiveer Singh said that the timetable set is appropriate for the BJP\'s strategy to carry out activities effectively across the country. “So that he [Modi]
Have the opportunity to reach all over the world.
This adds to the general perception that \"democratic institutions are being abused\", he said, but added that the timetable will not receive votes from the BJP.
\"The vote came from work and Modi lost all credibility.
However, the advantage of caste --based and well-
Organized parties like the BJP cannot be ignored, although BJP spokesman Chandra Mohan played down this, saying it was \"not a matter of loss or gain \".
He stressed that the BJP has a long list of speakers besides Obama.
Modi likes party president Amit Shah and several trade union ministers as well as CM Yogi Adityanath to hold rallies and meetings.
Therefore, the schedule is suitable for the idea of Mr.
Modi does not support it.
The shorter schedule will fit for the party as it has a good time
He said there are oil-coated buildings in every area.
\"We are the only party that relies on our organization to fight.
We have activists and institutions not only at the national level, but also at the state and regional levels.
What is the opposition besides Bua and Babua, \"he asked. Mr.
Tripathi said, however, that scheduling led to \"fatigue \".
Modi\'s speech at the recent rally showed that he was not \"comfortable \".
Sanjay Singh, head of UP Election Watch, a non-governmental organization that followed the polls, said that the long schedule gave political parties more time to prepare, but because the code restricted development,
Because construction works have stopped, it is difficult for workers to find jobs, and because of strict regulations, it is difficult for people to withdraw money for weddings, he said.
He said ruling parties with state resources are more likely to benefit from long-term plans.
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