\'i pretended to be german to survive the holocaust\'

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-08-23
Shlomo Perel rummaged in a cardboard floor display box for the picture he was looking for and said dryly, \"here, that\'s Hitler.
I took pictures of him with my 50-year-old Aqua camera. 70 meters away.
I looked into his eyes.
At that time I was 16 years old, a translator from the German army, wearing uniforms and the Nazi Party emblem, and I had no idea who I was.
\"Perel, who will be 90 in two weeks, will light the torch at the national memorial ceremony for the Holocaust anniversary of the Massuah Holocaust institute in Tel Yitzhak.
The theme of this year\'s ceremony is to accept children rescued after borrowing their identity, which is like a complete cycle for Perel.
\"Over the years, whether on my face or behind my back, I have been told that I am not a classic Holocaust story because I am not in a slum or camp and I am educated, pocket money and lots of food.
I was once told, \"Your massacre is a grand one \".
But he couldn\'t imagine me living in fear every day, and what I did just to keep me from being discovered.
Perel was born in Pein, Germany.
In 1936, three years before the outbreak of World War II, his parents Uziel and Rivkah Perel moved to the city of Rhodes in Poland with their four children.
\"The Massacre started, and my parents opened a shoe shop where residents were banned from buying from Jews,\" he recalls . \".
\"When Germany invaded Poland, the Jews were ordered to enter the Rhodes slum, and my parents realized it was a place where you entered alive, but you didn\'t know how you came out.
So they sent me a 14-year-
My 30-year-oldyear-
Old brother Isaac ,(the Soviet-controlled)eastern Poland.
\"Before we left, my father told me in Yiddish:\" Never forget who you are.
I mean, leave a Jew.
The mother added in Yiddish: \"Go, you must live.
When the mother knew that she would never see the child again, she sent the child away --
This is the greatest love.
\"The two brothers crossed the border, and the brother went to his acquaintance in Werner, while Perrell found his residence in a Jewish orphanage in Grodno.
\"On the morning of the German invasion of the Soviet Union, all the children were woken up and told to flee the East.
I came to the outskirts of Minsk with the fleeing people.
The Germans surrounded us in an open space, ordered us to line up, and then it was my turn.
The German soldier standing in front of me ordered me to raise my hands and ask, \"Are you Jewish ? \"?
This is a critical moment in Perrell\'s life.
\"I know that if I tell the truth I will face death right away, I have to choose between the father who told me\" to be a Jew forever \"and the mother who told me\" you have to live.
Fortunately, the voice of the mother got the upper hand and I said, \"No, I\'m German . \".
Then the miracle happened-
He believed me for some reason.
All of them had to pull down their pants and all those found to have been circumcised were executed, but the soldier not only did not order me to take off my clothes, but also called me the \"German people\"
A German living outside Germany).
\"He took me to his unit, where a senior office liked me and appointed me a Russian and Polish translator --
The role I \'ve been playing for nine months.
During that time, Hitler visited the front line. \"Only the high-
The senior general approached him and passed through his bodyguard wall.
\"I hid it with my camera,\" Perel said . \".
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Shlomo Perel in his house (
Graphic: Shaoul Goran)
Perel was later sent to a Hitler Youth School in Braun Schweig.
\"In three and a half years, I studied supremacism and established a defense mechanism, which made me forget that I was Jewish,\" he said . \".
\"I changed my name to Joseph, and the Germans called me giupe, and the lie became a reality over time.
I feel like the other young people of Hitler, I am very convinced that no one doubts that I am not.
I don\'t eat Jewish food anymore, I don\'t believe in God anymore, but I believe I will live.
I feel like I\'m immortal, like \"I won\'t happen to me.
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