Invisible Knife Display

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-12-14
From wooden Pallet1/4 \"Dowel1/8\" DowelI want to make a \"invisible\" display stand for my latest knife, since this knife is made of stainless steel, so it\'s impossible to fix it with a magnet.
But it does have a lanyard hole so I have another option. (
Note: I did not give the length of any of my cuts as it will change for different size cutters)
Next, I need to figure out the angle I want to put the knife on the stand.
I drew a straight line and positioned the knife to my satisfaction.
The next step is to track around the knife and mark where the lanyard hole is.
The required equipment requires a stand that I can connect to my base, which is strong enough to hold the knife and wide enough on the base to connect to the base of the stand.
I drew a bracket and it couldn\'t detect it once the knife was in place.
The tool requière tility kni then cuts the bracket from the poster board as a template to mark my Wood.
Note that I found the center of the hole I marked as the position of the lanyard hole.
Required Tools and materials 3/8X2 1/2 \"board pencil holds the support template on the wood and tracks around the wood.
The wood I use is some oak that I recycle from the wooden tray.
I pin it with a stick and push it into the wood through the template to mark the center of the lanyard hole.
The rolling of the tool RequiredScroll SawUsing saw that I roughly cut out the sandpaper drill press 1/month \"wooden drill bit BitUsing of the support tools RequiredScroll SawUsing, so I was drilling a 1/4\" hole in the lanyard hole.
Then polish my lines with my belt/disk Sander and make sure the bottom of the bracket is flat.
Use a variety of sandpaper (
Up to 400 sand)
I finished polishing the bracket.
Required Tools and materials 1/4 \"qualified carpenter gulwale Knight brown patty cut a pin with a length of 1/4, long enough but not long enough to cross the handle (3/4\").
Polish the end of the stake with sandpaper and stick it to the appropriate position.
I painted the top of the stake with brown paint to make it more invisible.
Tools and materials requredrulerpencil3/8-12 months 1/2 \"BoardI is the board of directors of the center and marks a non-
Square rectangle.
Future measurements require central marking.
The tools needed were cut off the base using my reel saw because I didn\'t want any straight lines so I used my belt/disc sander to bend each side and get around the corner.
Use a variety of sandpaper (up to 400 grit)
I finished polishing the base.
Note from the photo that I have marked where the blade will be placed and where the stand will be placed (
1/2, center line with handle).
Drilling pressure and drilling 1/8 \"Wood Bit1/8\" required tools and materials \". Using my drilling press, I drilled a 1/8 hole in the middle of the bracket placement and used my hand to drill a 1/8 hole in the middle of the bottom of my bracket.
Then cut a stake about 1/8 long into a section and polish it at both ends.
I know you\'re asking why you don\'t use a drill to drill a bracket?
Well, it\'s not Square and I don\'t have a fixture that I can use to hold it (
Maybe if I did one, it would be the other one to guide).
Using my rotary tool and a 1/8 thick cutting disc, I cut a slot on the base to receive the blade.
I polished all the pencil marks on the base.
The materials require high quality woodworking glue. Using good woodworking glue, I place some in each hole and cover the bottom of the bracket.
Then assemble the pieces together and wait for the glue to set.
Tools and materials require high quality finish paint. Sand paper completes the bracket with at least three layers of varnish and is gently polished between each layer.
Now I see an \"invisible\" display.
You don\'t see support at least.
This 5/8 knife is made of 1/8 stainless steel with a cocoon handle and a brass pin.
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