It’ll be less sound, more light this Diwali

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-10-01
With the sales of firecrackers before the festival, the fight for more is silent.
Loved and investigated the crowd and they rushed to buy firecrackers at his store counter.
\"Just like the clapping voice makes a child happy, people (come here)
Take away a little noise.
\"This year, they have taken more bright but silent things,\" he said . \".
Ghia, manager of Essabhai fireworks Limited at Mohammed Ali Road, refers to a change in his client\'s preference for light
Produce firecrackers.
Opposite the counter, 15-year-
Old nicketan madder has just completed the purchase of Diwali.
He bought eight boxes of lights.
Make cookies and a box of loud \"atomic\" bombs.
\"People are disturbed by the noise.
So I\'m going to set off fewer firecrackers this year . \"
MARD is not alone.
After ten o\'clock P. M. , the court ordered a ban on noise pollution in residential, educational and hospital areas, and the police raised their vigilance and awareness that people favored lights.
Produce firecrackers under noise
The seller said production.
Ghia said the sale of loud firecrackers such as \"bars\" and chord music --
In the past five to six years, the \"bomb\" in his store has dropped by 90.
Sales of even the favorite ladis (
Hundreds of cookies string together)
The figure has fallen by 25, Ghia said.
Although people are disgusted with noisy firecrackers, the total sales of firecrackers in Mumbai and Thane have increased by 20-
When people choose the light, 25 per cent
Naveenbhai Chheda, chairman of the fireworks trading association in Mumbai and Thana, said the display of firecrackers.
But this change has been happening for many years, not because of the recent Supreme Court order on noise pollution.
This year\'s \"hot\" items detonated in the air, creating a light effect.
What is particularly popular is a firecracker, which is fired 25 times in a row in the air and produces different effects each time.
Depending on the duration and quantity of the effect, the cost of such firecrackers ranges from Rs 75 to Rs 8,000, but the cost of each of the most popular firecrackers is up to Rs 100.
Music cookies are also popular, and they also make sounds when lit.
In addition to novelty, people prefer these cookies because they are considered safer than noisy cookies because they will not detonate near the children and will not hurt them with noise, the seller said.
S. K. Gaikwad, a staff member at Mantralaya, purchased light-
He said the cookies were displayed because \"they are not noisy but interesting . \".
People also look down on noise pollution, says Tanaji Zare. He claimed to be a policeman but refused to reveal his rank.
Zareh bought five boxes of high-altitude display cookies.
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