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by:CAI YI JIE     2019-09-15
It is interesting and satisfying to design and then make some simple items to achieve some purpose.I found it very beneficial to imagine the designs from my imagination and then build them using common tools and cheap or free materials.I made all kinds of things.Most of them perform some features that are not availableEquipment purchased is available.
I do a lot of text keys on my computer keyboard.Day after day, after hours of tapping, my hands and fingers told me (as in pain) that they were too hard.After looking for an easy-to-key keyboard from the store to the store, I realized I needed something to measure the force needed to press the keys on a particular keyboard.
Trying to judge the power with each keyboard typing does not separate the Tyno approved keyboard from the more finger-friendly one.So I tied a plastic tube to a few inches long vertical wire.Coins can be placed in the tube.The lower end of the wire is placed on a key.
The number of pennies required to push a key down is a measure of the pressure required for the key.Then there is the transparent wall I put on the bedroom wall with the hive hanging.My father used to keep bees to collect honey.
On a cold day I found an abandoned hive that exposed bees to these elements.There were only a few hundred bees left.I put a piece of glass, about 2-foot by 2-One foot, put on the wooden rack on the wall of my bedroom.Then I carefully sent the crumbling bees to their new home.
A tunnel screened by metal Windows provides a path for bees to come and go under slightly raised windows.The Queen of the colony did not survive the exposure to the weather, so I knew that new bees would not be raised.The colony will only last until the life cycle of its members of the currant.
But in the next few months it\'s fun to watch what bees do.It is enviable to have a bee colony on the wall of the bedroom.The power of the keyboard-o-Meters and walls-The inspiration for installing the Hive comes from the environment.
I just saw the possibility of something I could do and wanted to do it.I\'m trying to be open to other valuable gadgets and gadgets.It\'s really worth the effort: It\'s fun to make simple gadgets and you\'ll get a valuable item.
This item may be more suitable for your needs than the item you purchased, as you will do it the way you want it.It feels good to prove that your ingenuity and imagination can create something valuable.Below is a description of several projects you might want to do.
Image width = \\ \"304 \\\" height = \\ \"224 \\\" atwww.leisureideas.Com/excerpts/home made device 07.If you often find it annoying to take off your boots when you enter the house, this project is for you.Bootjack makes the task easier, especially if the boots are tight or you carry something with you so your hands are not free.
Start with a 3/4 thick board about 2 feet long and about 6 inch wide.Cut a V-shaped cut at one end.Connect a small piece of wood using nails to keep the notch end above the floor.Put your boots near the door where you go in the boots most often.
Put 1 feet on the Jack and fix it in place.Put the heel of the other foot in the gap and pull your foot out of the boot.Small cartons can be fixed together and hung on the wall.
Small and valuable objects can be displayed and appreciated there.Save boxes from muffin mixes, artificial sweeteners, rice, or other frequently used foods.When you have enough, cut each box into the right size.
I started with Box 4.
inches wide, 2-Inch deep, 6-inches tall.
I cut each box into half a height so that each box is 3-inches tall.Boxes with twice the width of the depth can be arranged as shown in the chart in this article.If you use boxes with other ratios of width to height, use a different arrangement or use corridor cardboard floor display to fill any gaps between boxes.
Lay a plastic film on a flat surface, such as a plastic shopping bag.Plastic will prevent excess glue from sticking to your work surface.You can fix the box together with white glue.
To help prevent glue from flowing out along the side of the box, use a method similar to that of bricklayer applying mortar to bricks.Before putting the box in position, apply glue on each side of the box, and the glue will stick to the box that is already in place.This way, while applying glue, you can turn the box in any way that is easy to apply glue.
The glue will soon be between the two surfaces.This helps to keep the glue in place.The red line below shows a good pattern of glue.Image width = \\ \"172 \\\" height = \\ \"160 \\\" atwww.
Com/make izmos/graphics/c13b.
When you assemble the boxes together, use straight edges such as walls or large boxes as a guide to align the boxes in straight lines.When the glue dries, put something heavy on the box to hold them together.Bricks or big books are good.Use plastic cloth to prevent glue from sticking to books or bricks from the box.
You can use the cardboard pallet display clip to secure the edge of the box where the gap appears.Image width = \\ \"262 \\\" height = \\ \"256 \\\" atwww.leisureideas.Com/make izmos/graphics/c13a.When all the boxes are in place, let the glue dry for about 12 hours.
Then use nails to hole around a set of boxes.The two holes near each corner will hold the position of the rope.Tie the ends of the rope together.Hang the box display screen with a small nail.
Image width = \\ \"304 \\\" height = \\ \"400 \\\" atwww.leisureideas.Com/makeizmos/graphics/c13c
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