john mcafee denies paying hitman to kill neighbor, refuses to pay $25mn in wrongful death lawsuit

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-10-05
Fail\'s estate accused him of paying a man $5,000 in 2016 for torture and the killing of his former neighbor, who allegedly poisoned several of the 12 dogs.
McAfee denied the charge, refused to cooperate with the authorities, and refused to pay for the latest cases in a series of trivial proceedings he claimed to have filed against him, which amounted to about $0. 2 billion in the amount of the judgment.
The default judgment in the Faull case was made in the absence of a US federal district judge in Florida because McAfee refused to respond.
The suit says a killer named Eddie mccoey, along with \"a female colleague from McAfee,\" managed to \"uniform, torture and murder faul \".
Faull died from a gunshot wound to his head, and the autopsy found that Faull\'s body, especially his genitals, was repeatedly tastier.
When the police came to ask him, McAfee reportedly hid on the beach and blindfolded his head in cartons.
Then he fled the country and went to Guatemala before returning to the United States.
Later, in order to find the murderer who killed his neighbor, he will provide a reward of $25,000.
Meanwhile, McAfee is campaigning for 2020 U. S. presidential election in exile, saying the IRS is charging him.
He claims that he has not paid taxes for eight years and that the US government dares to \"come to him.
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