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by:CAI YI JIE     2019-09-08
Hey, time traveler!
This article is published in 7/5/2016 (1121 days ago)
Therefore, the information in it may no longer be up to date.
Fire fighting and protecting the people: social assessment of the city\'s need to plan new disasters (May 6).
Over the past five years, apartments and many others
Family homes appear overnight like mushrooms in Winnipeg.
The buildings, made of cardboard instead of concrete and steel, are a disaster waiting to happen.
It takes only a few weeks for people to review the fires on Westminster Avenue to confirm these suspicions.
What are the unqualified building codes implemented in Manitoba that allow the construction of these new cardboard floor display/carton boxes?
When did they take effect?
In my opinion, at 1930-
Safer and healthier in their 50 s. Jo-
The Free Press editorial on the McMurray Fort disaster needs to mention that four years ago, experts warned that the possibility of catastrophic wildfires is growing due to the aging of Alberta\'s forests.
The province has an average of 1,200 fires per year, half of which are caused by human activity, either careless or arson, and almost all of them (47 per cent)
The rest came from lightning strikes.
In Alberta, more than half of the trees were considered young in 1971.
The third is immaturity. the others are either mature or \"over-mature \".
\"Today, these numbers are basically reversed, and more than 60 people belong to the latter two categories.
Considering the scenes like this and the debarks of Slave Lake and Fort McMurray, close to the community of fire --
Whether climate change is a factor or not, more defensive measures are needed in the prone zone.
Edward katzwinpeni of Canada is currently focusing on the massive wildfires in Alberta and the destruction of Fort McMurray.
The federal government has promised to match the contributions of its citizens.
Under the existing federal/provincial agreement, there will be federal funds to cover part of the huge cost of the disaster.
There are problems in the media, experts from all walks of life are thinking, and cities need to have strong current emergency plans.
Does anyone remember that Harper Conservatives closed the Canadian school of emergency management for budgetary reasons? Where have several municipal and provincial officials been trained to do these things at federal expense for a single national standard?
Of course, the university is not the most ambitious and comprehensive project available.
The course is a series-
The weekly classes and exercises draw on each other and let those officials who are best at it --
Risk learning in small towns and villages without spending thousands of dollars on each course for each officer.
They live in dormitories, eat together, study together, and learn hard real-life lessons from contemporaries who have already experienced this experience.
Emergency management and planning has now evolved from a single national standard that has been jointly developed
Turning operations across provinces and territories into niche businesses operating in several provinces is certainly not free.
There are expanded projects in academia, but these projects have barely cultivated candidates to fill the part-
Time and volunteer positions in small towns and villages.
Perhaps this time someone will notice this terrible gap and our new federal government will soon consider restoring the value of the country\'s facilities for all Canadians.
Paul kendzigwinnipegg was sworn in and moved to the left: a hard landing on the new coast (May 4).
\"Sir,\" the editorial said.
Parester gave a wonderful speech in his oath.
A ceremony was held at the Human Rights Museum to review the days of indigenous people in Manitoba. \"Kudos to Mr. Pallister.
Symbols and media events are at the heart of today\'s politics.
Stephen Harper won a minority government in 2006 and had to move the party to the center in order to get a majority.
At the beginning, his strongest support base was right --
Wing Christian likes himself, but in order to develop the party, he has to downplay the connection to religious rights and show the image of a party that reflects the mainstream values of Canadians.
In the elections of 2011, this means embracing atheism and gay rights.
This is the press event in Winnipeg, where he sang Lady Gaga songs with Maria Aragon.
It is impossible for Stephen Harper to find a more effective way to achieve his goals.
The media campaign of the Pallister government is also to do the same.
Parester\'s party opposes Bill 18, which supports homosexuality.
Direct organizations in public schools.
This does not reflect mainstream values in Manitoba.
In order to get rid of the baggage and show the mainstream image, it is impossible for Parry to come up with a better plan than to hold an oath ceremony --
A ceremony was held at the Canadian Museum of Human Rights.
The wealthy northwinniperg government has made a breakthrough in her column \"Road to the Sun\", \"Blue Sky\" and \"black mark (May 5)
Shannon Samper, editor of free media politics and opinion, accused the new government of violating its commitment to transparency because it \"refused\" to immediately issue a letter of authorization to ministers, there is also no background biography of the three newly appointed deputy ministers.
This condemnation is at best immature, and the worst case scenario is a hasty judgment based on the desire for instant gratification.
The column was published less than 48 hours after the cabinet appointment, the morning after the deputy minister\'s appointment.
Free media reported this week that every new minister received a letter outlining his or her mandate.
The instructions \"may be published in the next few days,\" said parester.
It does not seem to me to be a \"refusal\" to release the letter \".
In addition, some background information about the deputy minister appeared in Friday\'s document.
It is speculated that reporters collected the information from government sources. \"Robert V.
Olesonwinipegfire high re: the fire \"just started\" north of Caddy Lake: Deputy Fire Chief (May 6).
Given the current size, it will be a daunting task and it may take a few weeks to complete.
Good luck to all relevant personnel. Be safe. —
Major challenges to sustainable development-
At the management headquarters of Rennie, West eagle or Falcon?
Many huts and businesses need to be protected there.
Rapid deployment of resources will be critical in this case. —
Since forestry management is not allowed in the park, the lake and the forest are full of dead spots.
Just a big candle waiting to be lit.
The road is going, tree-huggers.
Hope you are happy.
Cailfornia learned their lesson in their 60 s by allowing appropriate logging practices to cut down mature trees so that they do not become dead ends or replant
This reduced the forest.
Fire and property
Great risk of loss—
Drive in traffic to see how many people threw away cigarette butts.
We\'re doing it all over the province now.
People should be warned to be smarter in their cars.
There is no comment in this story about what caused the fire.
It should be a wake-up call after reading Mac Castle-up call to all.
It can happen anywhere. —
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