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by:CAI YI JIE     2019-08-15
From nougat to truffles, let\'s walk through the most delicious Italian pastries together.
With centuries of experience, it is no surprise that they are the best.
Italy, the birthplace of opera and romance, is known for making some of the best sweets in history.
The Italian continues to produce high today.
High quality sugary food, wholesale sales is a pleasure.
Candy is a passion I share with the Italians with all my heart, so this is my summary of top brands in this country.
The best nougat qualanta is an Italian candy wholesale supplier with an impressive history.
It\'s made by sweet-
About 100, caravacho was obsessed with the qualanta family.
Some of the recipes developed by the original founder Antonio qualanta and his wife alzilla are still in use today, such as their delicious almond nougat.
The qualanta Nougat is stuffed with hazelnut or almonds, which are wrapped in a creamy filling of marble.
The products of this brand are a good addition to any store as they are very good in store.
Despite the absence of artificial pigments, palm cardboard hook displayor genetically modified products
Nougat packaged separately does not dry or harden, which means they have a reliable shelf life.
They are also gluten free and ideal for customers with dietary requirements. A stand-
The range of Quaranta products is the monthly beef rolling cake.
This outstanding display has three of the most popular \"cake series\"
After the taste of the brand nougat.
The top layer is four kinds of fruit nougat topped with country berries, lemons, strawberries and other fruits.
My personal favorite.
Very good mixed chocolate, located in the middle, a great gift for chocolate lovers looking for something different.
Last but not least, the bright green and yellow color of the tropical fruit layer, decorated with dried pineapple, papaya and cherry.
The traditional treatment Venchi dates back to 1878 and was established in the city of Turin, which is good-
Known for its creamy hot chocolate, it first appeared in the city of the 1500 s.
The brand is committed to retaining traditional knowledge by using the original recipes.
Venchi is loyal to its roots and uses high
Quality and local products such as Piedmontese hazelnut and combined with the best cocoa in South America and Africa.
Venchi\'s products are aesthetically satisfactory.
My favorite is their chocolate truffle cigar.
You will receive beautiful cigars in a variety of collections
Shaped truffles, packed in wooden cases, with three flavors of truffles: Orange, milk sugar with Caramel Hazelnut and dark New Guinea cocoa.
There must be some soft perfection in the air of the Piemont Alps, as another gem of Turin has been on my list of the best candy wholesale in Italy.
The last thing I picked was the beautiful dessert of pastuiglie Leone.
Although the brand originated technically in Alba
Shortly after the 19 th century, pastigli Lyon moved to Turin.
Their sweets are made from natural spices such as vermouth, propolis and Annis, which reflect their tradition.
These Italian desserts have pastel colors.
As part of the retro fashion collection, colorful individual cans range from licorice to lemon to mint to violet.
The delicate color of Pastilles is perfectly coordinated with the soothing pastel colors of the listener, which, by the way, makes the counter display excellent.
Is your taste buds attracted to me?
So why not explore Italian flavors for yourself and your customers by going deep into our Italian wholesale candy collection?
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