Long lines for Powerball tickets in California

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-08-15
With Powerball tickets first available in California on Monday, hopeful customers lined up for the chance to become millionaires.
Hundreds of people turned to Hawthorne\'s Bluebird Wine, a local liquor store known for selling winning tickets.
Gloria Gilbert has her strong Ball ticket in her hand and a note-
Millions of potential value-
Then rub it on the back of a blue bird statue on the cigarette display stand at the liquor store counter.
For 56-year-old Gilbert, this is her tradition whenever she stops to drink Bluebird Wine: \"The Blue Bird is wiped for luck and luck comes to you.
\"But Gilbert is not the only one to see the dollar sign at Hawthorne Avenue station.
This line stretches outside the door all morning, and every customer wants to win a strong ball Award.
John abodaka, 62, from Hawthorne, is also among them.
Vietnamese vets go to drink Bluebird wine every day.
He calls the same number every time.
He was often there, and the staff recognized him and saluted him.
He said that when Apodaca visited his daughter in New York, he bought a strong ticket.
Until Monday, California was just one of eight states that didn\'t offer games.
April 8 is his lucky day and the coming of the race is what Apodaca needs.
He said: \"I came to me because of the powerful ball . \"
\"I didn\'t go to the ball this time.
\"Monday is the first day of Powerball\'s official launch in California.
$2 per ticket, odds of winning--
$40 million minimum--
Less than 1 in 0. 175 billion.
Eduardo Duran, who works behind the Bluebird counter, said: \"You can see it\'s good in terms of business . \".
The store sold 8,000 tickets in the first five hours of Monday\'s business.
On the ceiling of the liquor store is a small piece of brown cardboard pallet display with names, Lotto games and prize amounts printed on each sheet. As Duran multi-
The other two were working behind the counter and the phone rang.
\"Thank you for calling lucky Bluebird,\" Duran replied . \".
A woman asked how long it would take to buy a ticket.
Duran told her: \"all day.
\"We have to line up all day.
Powerball is the latest lottery game in California.
Comparison method: Millionaire Super Lotto Plus 175,223,510 1 year 175,711,536 1 year the chance to win the first prize 1, the chance to win any first prize 1 in 31 years is 41,416,353. 85 1 in 39.
One painting day on Wednesday, 23. , Sat. Tues. , Fri. Wed. , Sat.
Minimum fare for 43 States is $2 1 participating location Plus DC.
And the Viking islands 42 states plus D. C.
The minimum cumulative bonus of the Viking islands in California is $40 million, $12 million, $7 million. Source: California Lottery, Powerball, $ million.
Note: lottery sales chart for fiscal year.
Graphic report by Scott J.
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