love island’s olivia buckland is oblivious as she suffers embarrassing wardrobe malfunction at charity event

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-10-12
Baby Olivia Buckland is definitely trying to show off her eyes-
Broken cleavage
But maybe it\'s not her lace thong.
She attended a big charity event in London.
The blonde is wearing a gorgeous silver and black pleated gown with a low neckline and barely covers her chest as she shakes at Christopher Baldwin\'s HIV dinner in London.
She was paired with a trendy neck chain with a silver pendant flowing between her breasts.
However, when she crawled into the car accompanied by a large bag, it was her shorts that ended in public view.
Olivia, since co-
Star Alex Bowen did not notice at all her wardrobe malfunction as she continued to pose for a photo in the car.
She sat down with a sexy smile, and her dress was flying high, revealing decorative tattoos on her thighs.
The beauty\'s underwear then starts full display when she is comfortable and tied together.
Maybe she finally realized
In the face of misfortune, she continued to cross her legs and hide her crotch as the car drove away.
However, despite the failure of her fashion
Eye makeup remains perfect during inspection.
The Essex star is sexy with dark eyeliner and mascara.
She put her short hair on the beach that floated over her shoulder.
Last month, we first revealed that the reality TV star invited hunky Alex to move into her home in Essex.
Olivia hooked up with her boyfriend in the last series of The Sun-
The soaked ITV2 show confirmed that they shared the same mat in the bathtub tropical music of our Facebook Live section Kathy Bachilo, thereby lifting their relationship to a new one
They were then found dragging cartons in her mat with a smile.
Yesterday, they expressed their love further through tattoos. The loved-
Up pair shows K and Q inkings on their arms-this is done in the style of playing cards for kings and queens.
Olivia posted this picture with the words \"hissing\" next to it, she was the first person to tell us the news at our carnival with Kathy and caught a glimpse behind the closed door
She said: \"He is in the apartment now and takes up some rooms.
He has almost more clothes than me!
Olivia added that she sees a bright future for herself and Alex, who are runners --
On Love Island, crowned as the best couple after 30 frolicking during the show.
The couple, she said, were \"nervous\" and revealed that they even planned to get married and become parents in the \"fairy tale ending.
Olivia, who is blonde, is gushing: \"Baby, puppy, find a house, this is our plan! ”Got a story?
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