macc raids several locations in gatco probe (updated)

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-08-24
Eight dozen spirits: Malaysia
Commission on corruption (MACC)
On Tuesday, he also raided several sites related to the great Alonioners trading company Bhd (Gatco)scheme.
Four MACC officials raided Thamarai Holdings Sdn Bhd in Wisma Lotus near Jalan Utara.
Two of them left. and-a-
Half an hour later, carrying a carton.
Two other MACC officials raided the wedding office at Gasing Indah around 10.
At about 10: 00 on Tuesday morning, the third man, presumably MACC officials, entered the office. 45am.
When the police left the building with their bags and an extra carton, they did not say anything to the media.
Four police officers also raided a law firm at Jalan Tiong pengaran square.
They left about an hour later. and-a-
Half an hour at noon, carrying a laptop bag and a cardboard floor display box.
At SEREMBAN, four MACC officials arrived at Wisma Negri at 10.
45 in the morning, immediately go to the local government unit located on the fourth floor of the State Secretariat building and be brought into the conference room.
MACC officials are also expected to raid Negri Sembilan development later on Tuesday.
Other sites that were raided included Thamarai Holdings Sdn Bhd and Singam & Yong, an auditing company.
MACC recently announced that it would set up a special working group to investigate a group of corruption allegations made by settlers who invested in the 1, 500ha land scheme under Gatco, which went bankrupt and dealt with 13 years ago.
The conflict on land ownership in Kampung Gatco dates back to the time when Gatco was established in 1977.
The company is a land development plan developed by NUPW for its members.
This land is under 99-Lanzhou State Economic Development Corporation-year lease.
As part of the plan, settlers paid a deposit of 600 yuan per person for the allocated land.
It is reported that settlers should build a house on Highway 0.
Plot 4ha, and 3.
Planting sugarcane 2ha.
However, the plan failed and Gatco went bankrupt.
The designated liquidator started negotiations on the sale of land and sold the land to Thamarai Holdings on 2006, which caused controversy.
Another group of settlers then called on the state government to intervene and, after several rounds of negotiations, Thamarai Holdings agreed to abandon the 480ha land, which will be distributed free of charge to settlers.
Any settlers who agreed to the arrangement were given 1. 6ha of land.
However, those who get the property from the original owner will get 0. 8ha each.
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