make-up counter millionaires! friends who met working in harvey nichols\' beauty department launched an affordable eyelash brand celebs love - and now they\'re on track to make £5m

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-09-24
Two beauty entrepreneurs working in department stores
The counter has turned over 3.
Just two years after launching its own brand of false eyelashes, 2 m.
Beauty fan Samantha Allen from Manchester and Danielle Gregory from Chester met for the first time in Harvey Nichols Manchester, where they became firm friends because of them
Inspired, they decided to design their own affordable lash collection and introduced doll beauty in 2016 to launch it with their £ 2,000 savings.
In the past two years, the girls have achieved great success in their brand and have been loved by ordinary customers and celebrities, fans including Tamara ekleston and Jennifer Hudson Love Island\'s Olivia etwood\'s little Remix Lady.
Now, Samantha and Danielle are planning brand expansion through a range of fake tan and other beauty products, with turnover expected to reach £ 5 m by the end of next year.
In addition to a range of beauty accessories and merchandise, the main sales target of doll beauty is a variety of frivolous, fluffy and complete faux mink and human hair lashes.
They also have stock in 65 top stores in the UK as well as beautiful little things and Beauty Bay. Dani, a make-up-
The artist told FEMAIL: \"We basically saw the gap in the market and thought it would be worth a look if we could provide really high quality lashes at a more affordable cost.
\"We started by designing eyelashes at home after work, sticking styles together, and soon realized that we could design and make our own style.
\"It took them a year to receive the first prototype and then decided on six lashes styles that cost £ 10, each named after their star Girl and
Website design.
Dani recalled that we made 700 on our first day and we were ecstatic that it wasn\'t enough to leave our full time job, but it was a good starting point.
In the same year, Topshop found the couple in pop-
Up store, after success, they were asked to open in another 65 years.
For the girls, the amount of stock needed to be reversed proved stressful, and they recalled: \"This is an opportunity not to be missed, and as you can imagine, during this time, we
The preparation time for our handmade products is up to 10 weeks, so it\'s a tight time, but it\'s all worth seeing us today at Topshop.
In the first year of the doll beauty company, the sales of the doll beauty company increased by 330,000 to 845.
The next year is 2 m, and they are expected to reach 5 m by next year.
Dani and Sam strive to maintain their brand and choose not to spend money on advertising, but to use Instagram as their preferred marketing approach.
Seeing the beauty of successful dolls, the girls decided to make the company their whole --time focus.
The biggest risk for us is to leave the job and give up this economic security when we still have bills to pay and life will not stop.
But the order was sent out very quickly, so we had to rent a small space in the warehouse and be there every day.
\"In addition to a fake tan line and other beauty products, they will also launch eyelashes and eyebrow rods in all major Topshop flagship stores across the country next year.
Dani said: \"We have never had a day off or a holiday, but we are very proud to see where we are today.
Being your own boss and watching your company grow is not an easy task.
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