maths teacher stunned when 60cm ebay ruler comes with 26 feet of packaging

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-09-09
When you order something online, you will want some packaging.
But math teacher Barney Mundell-
Taylor was stunned when Taylor\'s 60 cm steel ruler was placed in a huge box with 26 feet of wrapping cardboard pallet display and brown paper. Mr Maunder-
Taylor, 42, ordered a ruler from a private seller on eBay for his math tutor and part-time job
Time Math ArtistOver-the-top -
The package is 60 cm of simple steel (
Picture: Mercury)
But when his courier arrives at a \"ridiculously big\" carton that is almost 3 feet long and over 1 feet wide (
80 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm)
He couldn\'t believe it. The dad-of-
One person from Bournemouth, Dorset County said: \"When I brought the box into the house, I told my wife and daughter, \'You won\'t believe that \'.
\"When I opened the package, they squeezed around and we giggled as we saw what was inside.
\"But then I started thinking about the waste of using so many packages and the impact on the environment. ”Mr Maunder-
Taylor, who sees similar examples of overpackaging in the current BBC show Hugh\'s War on Waste, says that if the packaging is reduced, each van can accommodate more packages,Defeated -
The packaging is even fuzzy with cardboard floor display fans-
Felt and Lavendar
The pet rabbit at home is blurred.
Felt and Lavendar
Blue likes to chew on cardboard and paper and is defeated by a lot of packaging.
\"Rabbits like to climb up cartons and chew brown paper, but that\'s too much for them,\" said Mr Maunder . \"
Taylor runs a math education workshop company.
Although he used cardboard as part of the \"hands-on\" in the math elementary school project, the box was too big to store the material and had been taken out for recycling.
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