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The five-seat, front-
The wheel drive machine has been completely redesigned and never looked as good as it is now.
Mazda3 continues to be available within five years
Door lift back or four
It\'s basically a stubbier door.
It\'s a good choice for you and me.
The appearance of mazda3\' s adopts beautiful Mazda6.
You almost got these two wrong.
Mazda3 has a very unique corporate imageend;
In fact, it makes a competitor like Volkswagen Golf look dull. Side-
There are a lot of curves at the back and a good design continues to satisfy the eyes.
The only drawback of tilting the rear-end door is its marginal effect on the space of the goods.
Inside, there is a rev counter and digital speedometer function with a prominent position in the driver\'s eyesline.
Raise the spec level to \"g\" and you will get a head
Or Mazda calls it an active driving display \".
This is one of the more common popular music.
We see more of the Perspex type HUD.
I believe they have made great contributions to road safety.
While the materials and plastics that make up the dashboard may not be first class
Leading, there are fun elements to enjoy, like seveninch screen.
The display unit dominates the center of the dashboard and is where the \"mzd connect\" mobile connection system is located.
A rotating click wheel sits near the gear bar and works like a BMW I-
Drive or Audi MMI controller.
Mazda3 is full of engines like skyactive and I-
Energy recovery systems that help improve efficiency, performance, and reduce carbon dioxide.
Active cruise control and a lotin-
The internet connection is also available (
Again, depending on the level of decoration).
We took the 15hp number 2. 2-
During the test, the lift diesel hatchback with an automatic gearbox immediately noticed how quiet the interior was relative to the output car.
As in the past, Mazda chassis has maintained a strong steering, providing a movement and dynamic control experience.
Automatic diesel promises good fuel economy but no delivery.
The automatic gearbox is not my choice for enthusiastic driving: I prefer to enter the manual Mazda 3 at a lower price, where it represents a higher price/performance ratio.
Like the Mazda6, there is an amazing paint option called Soul Red Metal (€675).
Leather is an option, starting with 1,500 euros in black and 1,650 euros in light stones.
Our automatic GT spec test car is loaded with a large number of items and optional navigation is prohibited (€650)
And \"weigh\" at a price of more than 30,000 euros \".
The starting price of Mazda3 is 21,595 euros. 5-litre petrol (100hp/119g CO2)SE 5-door.
Starting with the higher-priced executive-grade gasoline version, the price is € 23,795.
The price of diesel starts at 25,295 euros (5 & 4-dr Executive).
There are four levels: SE, Executive SE, and GT. A six-
The speed manual gearbox is standard with six
Speed is also available automatically.
The new Mazda3 is a beautiful car and it is very fast.
Fill the trophy cabinet to prove this.
The driver of the Mazda3 will definitely get a look of appreciation.
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