mini john cooper works convertible review: goes well, looks funky

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-09-27
Photo of the 2016 Mini John Cooper work convertibleSource: The supply Mini makes its most expensive model cheaper. The new high-
Jjcw Convertible has cut its price by $6000, and the Mini says it has also gained $6000 worth of equipment, including standard automatic transmissions, compared to the upcoming model.
The price is $54,900. roads —
$10,000 more than Cooper\'s convertible
The JCW still has a lot of cash for the Mini, but it has extra features, a clearer look, and even a clearer sense of driving.
It is foreseeable that the Mini option package can increase the price.
The $1500 safety package should be standard equipment.
Camera included-
High Beam Assist based on active cruise control, forward collision warning, urban collision mitigation, adaptive headlight and tire pressure monitoring.
JCW is more interesting in every way than Cooper.
Powerful engine (170kw/320Nm)
The Brebo brakes push forward at a fairly good speed, bringing the JCW a relatively light and impressive Parking Power, and the tires have also improved significantly.
The increase in sales of automatic Cooper S and JCW prompted the decision, Mini said.
The scale of the shifter, even if it is contrary to the accepted preference of driving enthusiasts.
The manual option still exists, but is faster automatically.
The interior design of the 2016 Mini John Cooper Works convertibleSource: The front seats of the JCW are stylish and comfortable, making you firm through the tight corners of quick shots.
Leather is available for an extra charge but not required.
The two rear seats are basically separate.
Time accommodation and access are not user friendly.
Eye-catching dashboards have metals and carbon
Fiber exterior highlights, multiple with trademark round center dial
Function controller and screen. The head-
Up display has readings of speed, satellite navigation direction, audio, selected gear, shift warning, and engine speed.
The car at the base will rain.
Induction wiper, pop-
Upper side bar, reversing camera, voice controller, front and rear parking sensor and parking assist.
There\'s a design flaw.
Huge blind spot caused by the side of the roof.
On the road, we take the JCW Convertible to rotate along the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, an ideal setting for a no-top car.
2016 Mini John Cooper Works convertibleSource: supply auto is a car to drive as a paddle
The shifter slides up and down the ratio.
With the choice of motion mode, the double throttle overrun will produce gorgeous burrs/explosionstip exhaust.
JCW strives to advance, rewarding a loyal driver with amazing grip and stability
The electronic differential eased slightly, which somewhat suppressed the full power at the exit from the narrow corner.
Diff\'s job is to prevent the nose from running wide from the corner, which is high-
Before Performance-drivers.
Another front line
Drive cons, torque steering, not a problem because the JCW tracks the truth and tears through the curve.
Brembos wiped the speed in a blink of an eye.
The car is fun, but the manual is more attractive and rewarding for enthusiasts drivers.
VERDICTIt is expensive, but the JCW works well, looks funky and sounds impressive, giving off a high quality feel while Electric Softtop is a bonus.
The manual retains more of the original advantages of early JCW cars that you have to master and drive.
In John cooper works convertibleprice glancemini from $54,900 month warranty ten years/infinite kmcapped service prepaid card $1080 month-year-old More Than/80,000 kmservice interval situation monthly month/15,000 kmsafety don\'t evaluation 4 airbagsengine 2. 0-litre 4-
Cyl turbine, 170 KW/320 nmtransition 6-speed auto, 6-speed man; FWDTHIRST 6. 2L-6.
Size 100 8L/3874mm (L), 1727mm (W), 1415mm (H), 2495mm (WB)WEIGHT 1310kg-
1320 spare no; run-flats0-100KM/H 6. 5 secs (manual 6. 6 secs)
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