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by:CAI YI JIE     2019-09-30
Margao: Margao City Council (MMC)
There was another reaction.
Encroaching in the Pedda market area of Margao, confiscation of goods worth Rs 1.
Lakh on Wednesday.
According to instructions from MMC\'s chief executive, market inspector Mohan Arlekar-led workers cleared the assault on public spaces and sidewalks during a raid on Wednesday morning.
Most of the confiscated goods belong to the shopkeepers on the market, who show them outside the store.
The MMC staff picked up everything lying outside, whether it\'s stools, tables, display stands, ropes, thermometers, and even other products like furniture, electronics, pillows, etc, plastic and fabric materials.
On October 4, J. B. Bhingui, chief official of gheraoed MMC, Gandhi market Supplier Association, protested in his office against MMCas\'s inaction on violations in the market field.
MMC workers added that they will have a similar raid later this week.
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