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by:CAI YI JIE     2019-08-29
The plastic bottle you just threw into the trash, because you can\'t be cleaned, it could turn into a container, a bucket, a pipe. . .
Even a compost box.
Or can be shipped to China and burned in wasteto-
An energy incinerator that produces toxic gases that are emitted to the Earth.
More than half of the plastic recycled for recycling in New Zealand is shipped to Asian countries where plastics may be placed on the environment and societydubious uses.
At the same time, Astron Plastics, one of our largest recyclers, has to import bottles (
Cut into slices after cleaning)
Along the way from the UK, it melts into tiny particles as raw materials for new products --
Mainly made overseas.
Welcome to New Zealand-style recycling global melting pot.
Soaring cardboard hook displayprices, increased charges for landfill sites and global warming have brought renewed attention to the problem of minimizing waste mountains.
In most cases, it takes less effort to re-build existing resources than to start over, but getting the recycling framework to develop properly is like chasing seagulls.
For the government, developing local markets to recycle as much as possible is critical to its sustainable development.
It supports a Green party bill that will tax all waste sent to landfill sites and have producers and retailers responsible for handling their products.
But when the government waved sticks to push for recycling, some of the country\'s largest parliaments were accused of encouraging householders to be lazy.
The city of Auckland and manucau intend to follow the leadership of the North Shore and waithaquil, asking the head of household to put all the recycled items in one basket: giant 240-
Lift wheel box-
The city of Oakland was thrown away six years ago.
They will go further.
Also throw paper into the mixture.
The move raised concerns that lucrative cardboard pallet display and glass recycling could be threatened by cross-tradescontamination.
But nothing is very clear about recycling.
Take plastic as an example, only waste is recycled, but Astron says it can find the market for all the plastic that New Zealand throws away.
It handles plastic waste from more than 300 companies at East Jade Wood and Christchurch plants, but the market economy means it has to import high density polyethylene
Plastic grade used in milk bottles.
The never-satisfying demand from Asia means that kerbside collectors can get a better price than selling locally.
Whether this is good for the environment and society is another matter (see sidebar).
The same is true for pets (soft drink)
Bottles and other household plastic
Markets in China, India, Malaysia and Australia will attract all plastic roadside collectors.
Astron has done some \"closed loop\" at its Dongtian wood factory \"--
To produce protective covers for underground cables and flat plastic \"slip\", the exporter uses them as a replacement for wooden pallets.
However, most of its resin particles are exported for conversion into new consumer goods: polypropylene is converted into containers and pipelines;
Make Pet into pillow filling and clothes;
Polyethylene in packaging.
\"It depends on whether the government wants plastic to stay in New Zealand,\" said Richard Ernst & Young, chief executive of Astron.
\"We don\'t believe in subsidies --
This is about having a framework that allows the material to be processed into a reasonable form.
Robin Martin, chief executive of New Zealand plastics, said local and central governments could do more.
\"We hope to do more here, but the economy is very complicated.
\"If the government orders their department to buy bins from recycled plastics, we will run out of materials to make those bins.
We can use recycled plastic instead of aluminum as a signpost.
\"There\'s so much inconsistency.
The government says we have to recycle more, but the government will not buy it.
Some committees do not buy garbage bags from recycled materials because it is more costly.
\"This is a paper-like story --
The most profitable project in the flow of domestic garbage.
About half of them were reworked at Carter Holt Harvey mills at Penrose and Kinleith to make cardboard floor display packaging;
The rest is an export with no value added.
Due to oversupply, glass has been affected by price fluctuations.
The government\'s solution is the Waste Reduction Act, which plans to levy waste taxes on landfill sites and implement the \"product management\" program --
Let manufacturers and retailers take more responsibility.
These measures, which have now been referred to the special committee of Parliament, have been touted as encouraging recycling and reducing waste.
But the industry is unhappy with the increase in waste disposal costs and is concerned that taxes will increase --
Funds should be provided for the new recovery plan
It will be transferred by the central and local governments.
This week, heads of households in Auckland City and Manukau are shifting their attention, which is the concept of focusing all recycled items in a large wheel box.
This is almost a complete cycle for Oakland city residents: 240-
Each liter of roulette box and a recycling box were replaced with pints-
The size model of the old dinosaur and three recycling crates were pushed back.
The Bellows will replace plastic bags in manucau.
To start early next year, both committees are considering tenders.
The parliament was ticked.
David Benson, glass recycler and minister of environment, is on leave this week
He urged all parliaments to \"take recycling seriously and not to choose the cheapest and simplest household collection system.
\"But Auckland and manukao say they have responded to complaints in part about the ugly mess caused by roadside recycling, which is littered with wind-blown paper and plastic.
Another problem is the safety of contractors collecting and sorting garbage on busy streets.
Some people suspect that the real reason is cost savings.
\"Bureaucrats are preventing residents from participating in reducing environmental impacts,\" said New Zealand president Bruce Gledhill\'s recycling operator . \".
\"However, the survey shows that residents are willing to pay higher recovery fees than the parliament charges.
Glass and paper recyclers lose the most.
The problem is, a lot of cooperation.
Mixed materials, especially paper and glass, become \"contaminated\" and cannot be used.
Pollution includes mixing in different colors
Green, Brown and clear glass
There are also pieces of glass, with plastic and paper in it, which may themselves be contaminated with food waste.
The Glass Mountain of Onehunga is becoming more and more proof of co-
Mixed up in whitewall and North Shore.
O-glass processor
I New Zealand say that it is not appropriate to have 30-50 of the collected glass.
Glass contamination is also a potential threat to paper recycling.
Fine pieces of glass damage the equipment used in cardboard pallet display post-processing
Packaging produced with recycled paper and cardboard floor display may not be suitable for food.
As one insider said: \"Why do we take a path that undermines the integrity of many of these products?
Critics say Australian Parliamentary officials have been tempted by a visit.
Mixing adds to the collection, but has a negative impact on the recovery of glass and cardboard pallet display.
Neil Abel, chairman of the Oakland City Council, denied
The cuts are driving the shift, but acknowledge that the Council is concerned about a sharp rise in tipping and shipping costs for landfill sites.
\"Reducing the amount of garbage entering the landfill --
This is our first goal . \"
\"The key to cooperation is
The mix is an addition to the collection, just like the North Shore and the whitakil.
\"I believe we should collect, classify and re-process in Auckland and not ship it nationwide if possible.
\"He said a planned $20 million material recovery facility would deal with the adverse factors of recovery in Auckland and manuaumingling.
The tender for the proposed facility has just ended and the facility will be privately built, owned and operated on council land near Onehunga Pikes Pt.
Bidders including landfill operator waste management remain high
The technical sorting equipment will overcome the pollution problem.
\"It will have the technology to deal with pollution and separate green, transparent and brown glass,\" Abel said . \".
\"If we have problems, we will consider alternative markets for glass, such as Rolling Stones.
But Green Party member Abel said that despite the success of kerbside recycling, both Auckland and manucau sent more waste to landfill sites (
Mainly due to population growth)
Something needs to be done.
Officials from both committees have picked out our household waste and found that we lack a green commitment.
By weight, nearly half of the materials sent to the landfill can be compost, including kitchen waste and garden waste. Another 15-
is 17%.
It is debatable that the Commission itself can do more to facilitate recycling.
In Auckland, for example, the introduction of three bins did not encourage householders to be picky delimiters.
Most of us draw a line on cleaning pet food cans.
The kitchen is also anxious about what materials collectors are prepared to take away and the differences between council areas.
For many years, contractors have accepted only grade 1 and Grade 2 plastics;
Even ice cream containers are banned.
In January, Streetsmart-
Roadside collectors in Auckland City of manucau, Rodney, Papakura, wangaray, Thames-
Miracle mu saraman and Association of world investment promotion agencies-
It is announced that grade 1 to Grade 7 plastic will be used.
However, some committees are not enthusiastic about pushing this initiative because of changes in market conditions and \"confusion\" in the past when contractors cut collection \".
However, with the rising cost of landfill, domestic waste has become the focus of Parliament\'s attention.
The next wish on Neil Abel\'s wish list is to carry out bin e bin recycling of food residue and garden waste at the compost plant planned on council Onehunga\'s website.
The potential savings in transferring food residue and garden waste from landfill sites are considerable;
Abel hopes to start a kerbside organic series in three years.
He said the plant could even extract biosolids from the mangir sewage treatment plant
\"Instead of necessarily re-processing as compost, it is processed into other products such as biogas and biofuels.
\"Talk about closing the loop.
Through the planned waste tax, food waste recycling can gain further impetus
Another shadow on waste Hill
Although this tax is intended to promote recycling plans, industry is concerned about the impact of higher dumping costs and is questioning how the funds raised will be.
\"This is an outspoken tax that could lead to market distortions and abnormal results,\" said Paul Curtis, executive director of the packaging board . \".
\"There is no doubt that taxation will increase the cost of recovery [
With the company passing on costs.
The charges for landfill sites are already too high, especially private-owned ones.
Sims Pacific Metals, the country\'s largest recycler, is seeking relief for the proposed levy, claiming it is a serious threat to a company that \"cannot control the waste logistics it receives.
At the Otahuhu factory, Sims processes the metal from the can to the car body, and the white ware is processed into wire and steel bars.
The general manager of Angus Barrett said the landfill fee was its biggest expense.
With the increase of tip cost, the mixing degree of raw materials such as home appliances and plastic is getting higher and higher, and the economy of metal recycling is getting lower and lower.
\"Any legislation will only increase the cost of business,\" the glass processor O-I New Zealand.
\"I \'d rather spend money on developing lightweight products and better products --
Design packaging.
Supporters said: \"This is exactly what this tax can achieve.
Bruce gerdhill says finding alternatives to disposal is an incentive and will provide \"seed capital\" to try out new processes and technologies \".
\"What we are concerned about is that it will not be properly allocated;
The Commission may consider it appropriate to use the money to operate the services themselves.
Richard Lloyd of Terranova, a Christchurch waste recycling company, said the proposed initial levy of $10 per ton was not enough to change behavior.
New Zealand has little impact on the vast majority of foreign manufacturers of consumer goods.
There are other potential implications for the green bill.
Product management-
Let manufacturers and retailers handle their goods
May result in a new
The introduction of container storage plans that would destroy roadside recycling.
One thing the industry agrees with is that demand for supply certainty for a long time
Long term contract and stable price.
As a country, we have to look at how taxes can promote the recycling industry, says Gledhill.
\"We are not green businesses, we are pragmatic business people who need cash returns.
The result of our success is the green interest.
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