New theme park near Mumbai

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-09-24
Adlabs Imagica has created a new theme park experience in India
Opening in the first week of April
More than 300 acres of land in MumbaiPune Highway
Welcome to the wild west!
My train will take you through the world of Jesse James and Butch Cassidy.
Cross the cowboy\'s Canyon and Ranch to the jungle and tavern of the pistol
Waving gangsters
This rollover will drop you from a height of 20 m, allowing you to speed through the tunnel and the abandoned gold mine.
There is a special shot at the \'n drop attractions.
Immerse yourself in the booming underwater world, the Kingdom of a mysterious mermaid and the price of finding treasures.
This story is in an 8-
360 minute animated filmdegree dome.
There are 6 projectors that are displayed on the 288 screen and this show will take you to dark waters far away.
Meet the God of the Temple of harmony-
Vayu, Jal and agni were angry at the invasion of the archaeologist Dr. Chandra.
The wrath of the eternal God is reproduced in this disaster through live drama, special effects, multimedia and animation
When you\'re still in the temple
Shoot at the sky and fall to the ground!
This journey will take you to crazy heights in a few seconds, giving you a few seconds to immerse yourself in the field of view before it\'s four times faster than gravity.
Feel the crazy blood shock and when you walk to 40 m with 4g your stomach becomes insideforce each way.
Not for the faint. hearted.
This huge rotating pendulum will give you the feeling of flying and swinging.
Rotating all the way, it will rise to a steep angle far above the ground with a lot of suspended air time.
The car swings 120 degrees at a height of 45 metres, the highest of its kind in India.
A high adrenaline roller coaster takes you into the outer space between galaxies and black holes while passing through various planets and meteors.
Build a unique building within a huge dome and see the journey from a few miles away.
This is the first dark roller coaster in India to work on a linear synchronous motor (LSM)
Magnetic launch for the first time in India.
The technology will get you crazy in just a few seconds. of-the-
World experience.
One of India\'s biggest roller coasters and one of Asia\'s biggest, is expected to be the highest adrenaline ride you \'ve ever had.
There are five cycles when you are suspended in orbit, so you feel like you are flying.
This crazy journey goes up to 132 feet and goes at almost 105 km km/h.
Tourist information travel time from Mumbai
90 minutes esl 1-
Registration fee Rs 1,200-1,400, (
Separate prices for adults, children and seniors).
Special family pass and group discount image shuttle bus within Parkl 4
There are five squares for children to eat and rest, as well as candy, cupcakes and dessert booths.
Special baggage counter food kiosk near bathroom and children\'s amusement facilities parkl will be installed on an ATM
Two months later, Mr. India and I purchased Indian souvenirs at an export retail store (
Two more are about to open)
Four more retail kiosks.
There will be more goods soon.
Other attractions: l live entertainmentalong two-
Three times a day l laser performance in the evening l music for children in the popular aircraft mat segment board with Mr India, Seema and side kick robot Toota Phoota\'s yellow Flying car (TP).
In India\'s first journey of motion simulation technology, join him as he battles the evil Mogambo.
Uncover the mystery of Salimgarh\'s haunted fortress on this horrible journey!
Through the Dark Passage, King of Mughal olangjeb imprisoned his daughter zebuisa for 20 years.
Is she dead or still wandering on the haunted walls, seeing the spooky room, the horrible passage and the torture room, where the Mughal ancestors followed you around, dripping blood and lurking ghosts will make you jump out of your hair
Improve experience.
On this interactive dark tour, save Alibaba from 40 notorious thieves with a laser gun!
Thieves Hide in open air markets and caves, so shoot them with a laser gun when you find them.
If you end up with the highest score, you may win a wonderful prize.
When you travel the jungle on this river, be careful with the Desi dinosaur Rajasthan.
The water on the rails splashes from time to time, but that\'s not enough to get you all wet.
Fly over India and experience a movie showcase of India\'s most wonderful sights, scenery, monuments and cities. A helicopter-
The film was filmed at 90-feet-wide screen.
You will see the best side of India as before.
This is a proud celebration of the beauty of India.
A small restaurant in its 60 s, hot red flip-
Top, rock, neon, red leather tapestries combine with hints of plaid flooring, glossy steel.
Classic American dinner experience
Delicious burgers, tempting fries and cold milkshakes.
Circus tent restaurant with Pablo
Chef star lion.
Loyal to the skills of the circus, the food roller coaster introduces chef specials on the roller coaster track, makes loops and reverts, and then stops when pickingup counter.
Welcome to the African tribal outpost.
A huge shed, living on a barbecue grill in the center, surrounded by small sheds for dining.
The walls are decorated with masks, artifacts and exotic tribal paintings that echo the tune of Bongo\'s elements and take you to the majestic center of Africa.
Dine on an old wooden deck
A boat anchored by a time Spanich sailor next to the lagoon.
Enjoy the view of the park, relax with a hot cup of delicious coffee, and enjoy a selection of food on one side.
Two restaurants: Indian and Italian, will bring you the flavor of both countries and take you on a taste adventure.
Whether it\'s kebab, curry or mouth watering Wood
The pizza is here.
L a theme park hotel with 300 guest rooms at the end of this year and more than 14 rides next year
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