Newfoundland’s quirky Christmas mummering tradition celebrated with festival and parade

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-08-18
We are androids, sex.
Curved scenes covered by white veils and strange masks, disguised, undressed faces.
My 40D red bra is tied to a few vintage shirts under a lumberjack jacket.
My stomach \"(
Bags full of street clothes)
The bottom of the fleece pajamas I removed from the donated gear, the fierce furry ribbon fool mask I made has claustrophobic, but I am bravely banging on my unicorn
On the ugly stick, mumble mering with the best stick.
Along the circle of Buckmaster, we marched to the continuous beat of the drums of the music collection, bravely maintaining the tradition of Newfoundland mumbling mering, even though it adapted to the modern urban era.
Mummers Festival wants everyone to pretend to be mummers and join the party, but we are happy to have enough cameras
Waving the audience Cup.
There are baby moms in backpacks and strollers, walking dog moms, moms in electric scooters, moms of all ages and sizes.
More adults than children. Cross-
Dress is the norm.
There are amateur horse and ribbon fools, ugly sticks and accordion, veteran mime and Virgin mime.
Who knows how many \"from afar\" like me have penetrated into these 9-
Community of the year
The relentless December drizzle made the building parade before the snow?
I only met one.
A folk scholar from Belarus
When we walked from a community center to a school
It is a kind of feed and dance. )
Jam and other biscuits from the local purity factory are placed on the snack table.
A red purity syrup that tastes unknown and has been diluted with water and distributed in small cups.
Actors and beggars are on stage.
\"It\'s because you\'re here,\" film festival executive director Ryan Davis told the happy crowd . \".
\"You created magic.
\"I came to the Holy.
John will celebrate Christmas in a unique way in Newfoundland, until I found a music mumbling mum in Gande earlier this year and got hooked on the \"Mama\'s Song.
\"I was immersed in mumbling, attending multiple Festival Workshops, meeting a group of mumbling mering characters and even volunteering on parade day.
I don\'t have childhood memories linked to the past, and I like modern mumbling mering without judgment.
I met with folklore Dale Jarvis at the Intangible Cultural Heritage Office of the Newfoundland and Labrador Heritage Foundation.
The intangible cultural heritage known as \"Living Heritage\" protects traditions, customs and customs --
Things like songs, dances, and mumbling.
Jarvis, who wrote 2014 books?
Christmas traditions in Newfoundland and Labrador for centuries
The tradition of making disguised home visits on the 12 th day of Christmas usually begins on Boxing Day.
It arrived here in the 1800 s with early settlers from Britain and Ireland and took off in an isolated foreign community. Mummers —
Sometimes called jannies-
Carefully crafted camouflage from anything at hand (
Sheets, pillowcases, cartons, quilts)
, Suddenly appear in people\'s homes, singing, dancing, eating, drinking, they will show their faces if their identity is guessed.
However, there is also the dark side, including vandalism, fights, vandalism, settlement scores, and even a murder that made mumbling mering illegal in 1862.
The bill to make further provisions to prevent nuisance continued until 1992.
The law is not necessarily enforced, but the tradition of home visits has begun to disappear.
Some people blame the appearance of the carpet because it is more difficult to clean than the erasable floor.
Others said it was because people had mobile devices, left the outport, disconnected from their neighbors, and were afraid to let strangers into their homes.
By the end of 1990, Jarvis said, mumbling mering \"has become something you buy.
You can go anywhere and buy a mime, but you don\'t have to go anywhere and be a mime.
\"The Office of intangible cultural heritage captures the theme of the first folk festival in 2009,\" drawing from tradition to reinvent it in a way that introduces it to a new generation.
First parade-
Focus on participation-
So popular now is by a no-for-
Profit organization.
\"It\'s a happy, ridiculous, stupid thing,\" Jarvis told me . \".
\"We don\'t always have the opportunity to be happy and ridiculous, but as a species, we crave this joy and ridiculous in a self-evident way.
Purists complain that mumbling mering is not the way it was in the past, but Jarvis emphasizes that nothing is the way it was in the past.
Also, \"mumbling mering is not the same thing.
It is in a state of constant evolution. ” (
In fact, Philadelphia has a tradition of mummering, but its huge New Year\'s Day parade is completely different from the version of Newfoundland. )
Chris Brooks drinks tea and scones at the battery cafe
\"Documentary producer, sound artist, pantomime doctor \"-
Recalling the pantomime troupe he workedEstablished in 1972.
For ten years, the troupe has performed traditional Newfoundland Christmas pantomime every December, and Brooks later wrote an article about the public hate of that era.
Brooks and his friends are still drawn to the test of \"trust and openness\" brought by home visits, and perform a short impromptu performance for strangers.
\"People open their hearts to it.
You did it because it was Christmas.
You have to go out without hesitation, trust these idiots and hope they don\'t put too much mud on the carpet.
As for the parade, he called it \"a little Disney \".
I \'ve always wanted mumbling to survive, but things never happen the way you want them. It’s changed.
It is sweeter and better for the children.
\"I felt it when I took part in three festival workshops to make horse-loving, ugly stick and ribbon fool masks.
The volunteers guided us through cutting, hammering, DingTalk and hot bonding, and then put us on boxes filled with fabrics, old fur coats and worn-out plush animals for decoration.
My hobby horse has a hinged jaw and nail threatening mouth, but it will still be an embarrassing pleasure when I miss my child and use bright pieces of fabric.
Surrounded by excited children in the ugly stick workshop (
Instruments made with caps and old shoes)
, I put a beautiful unicorn head on my head instead of a more traditional mop head.
Luckily I had the opportunity to correct the situation and cover my unicorn and floral children\'s boots in dark grayblack fur.
At the Rooms —
Modern public cultural space dedicated to natural and cultural history
I attended the seminar at the festival and made a creepy holiday beast mask with copy photos of building cardboard pallet display and fur, bones and fabric.
I heard artist Janet Peter talk about how she had a chance to make a pantomime more than 20 years ago when no one did too much.
\"This mumble mum is as ubiquitous as a lark,\" she sniffed, detailing a quality list --
Now produce the products in the store and say \"the tourists really ate up these things.
I was not offended.
I love the welcoming mummies strategically placed around the Holy
John international airport-
Peter questioned that there was nothing wrong with the \"cut\" of \"a rather dark tradition.
\"Peter is a member of the Newfoundland and Labrador craft committee and, at the request of a loyal customer, she still creates some cardboard pallet display-made Moms every year.
After I made a cardboard pallet display Christmas tree decoration, I chatted with collection and special project manager Larry Doe as the rooms sponsored several mime festival events.
He shared his mumbling mum.
The related blog posts and displays a cultural pavilion and a social history exhibition including pantomime actors.
We love an interactive presentation that plays 1982 hit song \"mummy song\" created by Bud Davichi and Xin Savo in Newfoundland band Simani.
Later, I had a drink with David at Irene\'s bar.
For some time before power and tap water, he grew up with mumbling mering and put his memories into an album called Christmas fantasy.
The song hit the airwaves like a single and touched the nerves.
The CBC later filmed Simani performing the song for the Christmas episode of its land and sea show, which has become a festival tradition in Newfoundland.
\"This is probably the longest episode in the country,\" dich said proudly.
\"Of course, that changed everything after it aired.
The response is so big-
Everything\'s out of control.
Savory died in 2010, but David GE still kept the song.
In 1993, he worked with illustrator Ian Wallace to publish a children\'s book called \"mother\'s song\", which now has four --song CD.
He was happy to authorize the song for a wide variety of mummerabilia.
\"The song is good for us,\" David Chi admits, adding to his coyly, \"but I don\'t want to live on it.
I often say to my wife, \'I want to know what will happen to the pantomime this year?
This year, it is talking to you and I will introduce land and sea movies in the room.
I left David and drove to Wal-Mart to check out the \"Made in China\" mengmeira mall imported by Newfoundland\'s all-island dealers to find a generous \"Newfoundland Christmas\" area, there are snowballs, oven gloves, Sherpas throwing, aprons, meal mats, coasters, decorations and music that sparked my mom\'s pursuit
The living room, a shop and cafe in Churchill Square, is limited-
The word statue and Christmas decorations by Mummer, signed and dated.
Dell Texmo launched the wholesale company in 2008 and commissioned two local artists to create Ambrose from the heart.
Since then, several mummies have been created every year, and Texmo has been living forever as \"Dell in the city center\" after her death \"--a hobby horse —in 2012. Alex Storey-
Texmo now runs the living room, continues her mom\'s tradition and invites people to send advice for future moms by sharing their stories, names and clothing ideas.
This year\'s mummer is Belle of Belleoram, the grandmother of a rock singer, and no one else pays tribute to Simani\'s \"Mummers Song.
\"The only thing I can\'t do in my exploration is to visit Torbay Historical Museum and Museum, and recently received more than 400 local art pieces from Paul Smith, a professor at the retired Memorial University in Newfoundland.
Conta Arts & Culture Limited
The coordinator said that the series \"preserved representative examples of folk, pop and elite expression cultures around the tradition of mummering.
\"The museum will be renovated and restored next year, so it is not yet a destination for mumbling.
Just before the parade, I walked into a primary school to watch the crash course held by drama artist Chris Driedzic on behalf of the festival at mummering.
\"It involves zero dollars, and usually there is little big effort to change your shape and stupid behavior,\" he told the children . \".
\"Stupidity is the key to the holiday.
He invited the children to the parade and urged them to \"mumble mum\" in an attempt to create a community.
Stupid and community.
When I put on my disguise, joined the parade and thought about what I wanted for £ 2018, the two words kept on my mind.
Jennifer Bain is hosted by travel company Newfoundland and Labrador and hotel Alt.
John, who did not review or approve the story.
When you go: make this trip: 10 th-
The munth festival every year (
Mother\'s Day. ca)
Should run throughout the month of December 2018.
The date of the parade has not yet been determined.
Accommodation: I stayed at the new Alt Hotel.
John\'s house on Water Street.
Facing the port, right next to the Raymonds restaurant.
Book directly and select the checkout time.
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