Obama visits tornado-devastated city of Moore, Okla.

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-10-09
MOORE, Okla. —
After days of grief and cleanup, a battered community took a break on Sunday, welcoming President Obama, after walking a few blocks in a destroyed community, he promised that the country would not give up the recovery of its residents.
Until last week, in the brick campus of Plaza Tower Elementary School, seven children were killed in a terrible tornado attack, and Obama provided the same confidence and comfort in the confusing consequences.
\"This is a strong community,\" Obama said in the shadow of the school\'s ruined classroom, a child in his 20 s. foot-
There\'s a lot of debris behind him.
\"There is no doubt that they will bounce back, but they need help.
\"The city, with a population of 55,000, is blessed and cursed by its geographical location, and along Eagle Road, the danger of its location is shown tragically.
Six days ago, its northeast region was hit by a tornado that struck homes, schools, hospitals and the lives of thousands of people.
Settled on the 19 th-
Moore is named after a railroad worker whose mail needs an address near the state capital and the University of Oklahoma City
A place conducive to economic development.
But it\'s also on the path of frequent violent storms, the last mile.
24 people, including 10 children, died in a tornado.
The visit was Obama\'s most recent visit to the American community, which is recovering from a swift and brutal tragedy.
Since his re-election in November, he has traveled to Newtown, Connecticut.
20 children and 6 educators were killed in school shootings;
Traveling to Boston after the deadly marathon attack
Go to Texas to mourn the 15 people who died of fertilizer.
Factories exploded in the western city.
On Tuesday, he will visit the coastal area of New Jersey again to see the reconstruction work of the area damaged by Hurricane Sandy last year.
So far, 4,200 people have applied for federal aid, $3.
4 million items have been approved in recent days.
Most of these assistance is for emergency housing.
It is estimated that the total amount of damage was as high as $2 billion, 1,200 houses were destroyed, 12,000 houses were damaged by strong winds exceeding 200 miles per hour, and the cars, street signs and other debris they carried.
Over the years, the Federal Emergency Management Agency has provided Homer with $57 million for the construction of approximately 12,000 security rooms.
The rooms saved lives last week, and Obama said in a speech that the same was true for emergency training, which was partly funded by federal grants.
He called on Congress to ensure that these efforts will \"not be shortened\" in the future as Washington\'s debate over spending continues \".
Obama walked along Eagle Avenue in the wind for half a month.
An hour tour of the area where tornadoes hit the worst.
Federal and local officials, including the government, joined him. Mary Fallin (R)
On Sunday, he called on the federal government to help speed up aid and building permits so that Moore could rebuild as soon as possible.
Metal siding, insulation, mattresses, children\'s toys, clothes, boards and a twisted Ford pickup truck are stacked on both sides of the street, and the mailbox is replaced by cartons with marked addresses.
The desolate, pale trunk, stripped of the bark and most of the branches, stood there all the time --green yards.
A purple plastic toy camera and a dictionary mark the edge of a driveway that a family cannot use.
Moving forward, Obama turned into another dilapidated Lane, behind a blue waterproof cloth that once had a fence, which was the ruins of Plaza Tower Primary School.
The fragments contain evidence once. A vibrant school
Encyclopedia and 2012 Yearbook, a textbook on Coretta Scott King and a children\'s workbook called \"the surprise of Jamar.
\"In the mound, some of the mound higher than the original brick building of the school, there is a little girl\'s pink coat, next to a colorful continent with a laminated world map.
Only the dull buzz of the generator and a gust of wind broke wide silence, and Obama embraced and talked and comforted a group of school teachers and administrators, first responders and parents.
\"I am just a messenger here today to let you know that you are not alone,\" he said . \".
Obama noted that city officials have printed new street signs for Eagle Avenue and other damaged communities, proving the city\'s resilience.
He said: \"The orramas inspire us with their love and courage and their friendship.
Obama then drove to the main station 1 of Moore\'s fire department, where a command post was set up to oversee the recovery.
After thanking the firefighters, police and medical staff who worked at the main bay of the station, Obama met privately with the families of the people killed by the tornado.
On a Sunday, in a community where a church has been a center for shelter for those who are homeless by storm, Obama recalls a detail in a story he read, the story is about the day before Moore landed, the town was hit by another powerful tornado.
The Bible opens in the ruins to a passage from Isaiah: \"A man will be used as a hiding place to escape the wind as a hiding place to avoid the storm.
\"God has a plan. it\'s important that we remember that we are the tools of his will,\" Obama said . \" Call on the United States to donate to the American Red Cross and help Moore in any other way possible.
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