packaging and the environment - corrugated cardboard

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-12-24
Friendly products are in great demand at present.
Consumers are very aware of the demand for products that can be reduced and re-produced
Use or recycle.
This can even be traced back to the packaging materials reached by the product.
Many traditional packaging materials are not eco-friendly.
Friendly, such as loose filling of polystyrene or plastic blister packaging, but there are many alternatives in these products that can achieve the same effect while keeping the cost to a minimum.
As a supplier, more attention needs to be paid to packaging procurement with more \"ecological health.
Corrugated cardboard is one of the most basic items in packaging, inconspicuous cartons.
Cartons are widely used around the world and are the backbone of most shipping packages.
Corrugated cardboard initially looks like it could be a very bad resource used in the ecological environment
Friendly packaging materials ,(
Destroy the forest, destroy the ecologysystems)
However, this is not strictly in the sense that many of the paper materials being used are cut out of sustainable woodlands.
In addition to this, there are other benefits of using corrugated cardboard packaging.
All cartons can be reused and recycled.
This means less resources will be used in the future, as recycled corrugated cardboard can be used to make more cartons and re-
The use of the box ensures maximum service life
Span of original material.
Although many corrugated cartons are not usually recycled at 100% ,(70-90% on average)
, Can buy a box made entirely of recycled corrugated board.
Not only can corrugated boxes made of recycled materials be inserted for these cartons.
, For example, a bottle used to place a bottle or a professional mold-cut inserts.
Cartons are not the only products made of corrugated cardboard. Single-
Corrugated paper roll, corrugated communication packaging, broken paper and corrugated board-
Boards made of 100% recycled materials can be purchased.
The motivation to use recycled corrugated board packaging materials is caused by multiple factors.
Including reducing the cost of packaging materials ,(
Because recycled materials are generally cheaper than raw materials)
With the further opening of the population market, many consumers\' purchasing habits will be based on the ecological environment.
The product seems to be friendly, including the packaging materials sent by the product.
It is not good enough to provide high quality products at an affordable price.
It must consider how ecological
Your product is friendly and includes any packaging materials involved.
If it\'s all over
Look and then prepare to pay in lost sales and lost customers.
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