Philip Morris Enjoined on Store Displays

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-10-02
At the relevant press conference, a federal judge today ordered Philip Morris to stop using the retail incentive program, which competitors believe unfairly squeezed their cigarette brands out of the store counter for display.
Three competitive cigarette companies-R. J.
Lorillard division of Renault tobacco company Lois and Brown and Williamson of British and American Tobacco Company-
Philip Morris\'s retail leader promotion program forces retailers to downgrade their brand to the shelves, or show it on the floor or near the floor.
US District Court Judge Frank W\'s preliminary banBullock Jr.
It was not until the three companies filed a lawsuit.
In the past two years, there have been about 6 million adult smokers, accounting for 14% of all smokers.
Judge Block noted that store display is an important way for companies to attract such customers.
He believes that for those who change the brand, sales are mainly due to advertising and product displays on the back-bar shelves behind the sales counter, adding that, companies that do not have such space cannot compete fully.
Philip Morris argued that the dispute did not belong to the tribunal and that the competitor was angry because Philip Morris made an informed business decision.
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A version of the article was printed on page C00002 of the National edition on June 30, 1999, with the title: Philip Morris was banned in the store display.
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