pro-federalization activists take over govt buildings across eastern ukraine

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-08-25
Activists in the eastern Ukrainian city of Slavyansk, north of the Donetsk region, seized police headquarters and city council buildings on Saturday. Donetsk has a population of 120,000.
Police say
The Maidan protesters also occupied the local office of the Ukrainian Security Department SBU.
The mayor of Slavyansk, Nelly Shtepa, said they had a Russian flag on top of the police headquarters.
\"When I was negotiating with the activists today, they explained that they represent the people\'s militia in the Donetsk region.
\"They say they are against the authorities in Kiev and they are negotiating with them today,\" she said . \".
Shtepa added that the people of the city supported the activists call for a referendum on federalisation in the region and urged the police to stand by the people.
Shtepa says it is not allowed if the authorities in Kiev \"try to suppress the uprising and many civilians will die . \".
It is reported that the activists of Slavyansk picked up the weapons.
However, a member of the people\'s militia in Donbas told the media that no one was injured during the storm at the police headquarters, adding that prior to the referendum, they will control the government building.
Ukraine’s coup-
Interior Minister Avakov wrote on his Facebook page that the raid on police headquarters was carried out by masked men with guns.
He promised that the government\'s response to the raid would be \"very harsh \".
Avakov added that a special forces unit had been deployed to the scene. Anti-
According to Rossiya 24, the Maidan protesters intercepted two buses full of security forces, which were heading from Donetsk to Slavyansk.
After the talks, security forces returned to their headquarters in Donetsk.
\"I can\'t say there is a conflict between the police and the activists, who just accompanied the special forces back to their headquarters,\" said a Rossiya 24 reporter ,\". Who\'s at the scene.
In Donetsk, officials of the former Berkut special riot police force refused to obey Kiev\'s orders and instead suppressed a pro.
Federal takeover of Slavyansk
Instead, Berkut officials stand by the people of the region and provide them with security and protection.
Berkut forces occupied the police headquarters in Donetsk. Tying St.
Special forces said they supported the demands of local residents and refused to obey their orders.
Berkut fighters arrived at the Interior building of the city.
A Youtube video shows a representative of Berkut speaking to the crowd: \"Berkut has been and will continue to be with the people . \".
\"I want to assure you that we will stand up and save you if you are threatened, any type of threat,\" on behalf of the crowd that continues to cheer loudly, with applause and the Holy song \"Berkut! Berkut!
In the morning, opponents of the Kiev authorities tried to control the district prosecutor\'s office, and some managed to enter the building for negotiations.
Protesters demanded the resignation of the police chief in Donetsk.
The police chief acknowledged these requests-
General puzhidayev announced his resignation.
Federal supporters have returned to the regional state administration building they have continued to hold since the beginning of this week. Pro-
According to Itar, Federal protesters also occupied the police headquarters in the town of Kramatorsk in the Donbas areaTass.
About 50 armed protesters entered the building and heard several warnings, but no injuries were reported by witnesses and hospitals.
However, local media in Ukraine say one person was injured.
\"According to preliminary information, Makarov pistol and Kalashnikovs shot at the Kramatorsk police station.
Novosti Donbassa reported that there was no mention of their source, \"one person was injured . \".
After taking over, almost immediately spontaneous rally supportKiev activists. As the anti-
The Maidan forces protected the building where they spoke to the crowd, saying they had to occupy the building to fight the \"corrupt\" police chief in Kiev.
\"The general police will continue to serve the people of Donbas,\" they announced . \". The self-
The Youtube video shows Defense Forces also promised to protect citizens in the region and the town from the \"Kiev junta.
\"We are the ones who stand up and kick --
A man in the video said when the crowd cheered for him.
\"We will serve the people of the Donetsk region.
\"Earlier on Saturday, the flag of the Donetsk Republic was raised in the city administration building as an-
The Maidan rally was held in the city, demonstrating their support for independence in the Donetsk region.
Kramatorsk is a city of about 200,000 people in the Donetsk region of eastern Ukraine.
The city is an important mechanical engineering center in Ukraine.
In a protest calling for federalisation in Ukraine, acting president Alexander turkinov fired Valery Ivanov, head of the SBU security department in Donetsk on Saturday, according to a decree published on the president\'s website.
Protests also took place in Kharkov, hundreds of relatives
Federal activists gathered in the city center to demand a regional referendum on broader autonomy in Kiev.
At the same time, supporters of the Kiev authorities also held demonstrations, and many witnesses reported that
Nationalist right
Police managed to detain four men at Kharkiv railway station, two of whom were from western Ukraine, wearing bullet-proof clothes, in an attempt to smuggle a cardboard floor display box with a homemade explosive device.
In other small towns in the Donetsk region of Ukraine, activists also took over the local administrative building and police headquarters.
In the town of drudrikoka, a population of 60,000, activists managed to seize power at the local police headquarters after a rally.
They gathered outside the headquarters and shouted, \"we will win as long as we are united.
Earlier Saturday, about 20 men also protected the police station in krasniliman. Krasniliman is a small town with a population of about 20,000 in Donetsk.
\"The building was not occupied by armed forces.
As you can see, the city police station has been closed.
People gathered here to prevent provocation.
Because this is our city, we don\'t want a riot.
\"Everything is fine, very calm,\" Andre Bobroff, a militia activist in the Andes, told RT Ruptly.
The town of konstandinovka and Snezhnoe, with a population of 80,000, also saw relatives.
Local media reported a federal uprising on Saturday.
In the city of Mariupol in southeastern Ukraine, a rally in support of the Donetsk regional authorities was also held.
Protests at the European Independence Square in Kiev have led to riots in eastern Ukraine after a coup in February 22.
People in Donetsk, Kharkov, Lugansk and other cities have called for a referendum to determine the status of the Donbas region. .
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