Production capacity

01.Computer design and Prototype

Data Collecting –Design—Prototyping--Sample confirm --CTP and Die drawing Output High speed Prototyping machine

02.CTP Output

PS Plate baking----PS Plate developing—PS Plate output

CTP (Computer to Plate) is a streamlined process of print production. Streamlined in that takes a finalized file from a computer and outputs it directly to a plate.

In the CTP process, the film step and its associated chemicals and bio hazard are completely eliminated


04.Surface Finish

There are 3 main kinds of paper surface treatment: glossy (or matt) PP film , glossy oil and UV treatment. It could help protect the color not fade. For PP film treatment, it also help water-proof and some oil-resistant.
Film laminating speed: 40—70m/second, 3 times fast than those on the market.

05.Paper Lamination

Laminating speed : 2500-3500 pcs/hour

06.Die Cutting

6 Sets of die cutting machine and 1 set automatic---Ensure the efficiency in mass production
Maximum size: 1800*1200mm

07.Glue and package

Automatic glue machine, save time and more efficiency, speed up production time and delivery date will comes shorter and shorter, we win the time for you.

08.QC control and shipment

Quality is the center of the product. We strictly control the production process from raw materials to finished products

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