recyclables placed in trash to be bypassed

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-08-27
In North Andover, the increase in the amount of cardboard thrown away by garbage prompted town officials to adopt a new system of punishment for their garbage for those who bypass the town\'s roadside recycling plan and list recyclable materials.
On garbage day, any
What is called \"visible recyclables\" will remain on the street next to the trash can emptied by the wrong homeowner.
While the measure is intended to reduce the amount of cardboard floor display in garbage, it is also applicable to plastic, metal and glass containers, as well as other types of recyclable cardboard pallet display such as newsprint.
Tina Klein said the measure, which will take effect after the first year of the year, is the hardest effort the town has tried to reduce waste disposal costs by recycling, the town\'s chair of the Solid Waste Advisory Committee.
Currently, the town pays nearly $1 million a year to trash
According to William Hmurciak, director of the Public Works Department, the disposal costs.
Hmurciak said that tons of garbage in North Andover are growing at a rate of 3% per year.
Klein said she expects the new regulations will easily double the amount of cardboard collected in the town and is expected to save $85,000 a year.
Greg Cooper, head of the recycling program at the Ministry of Environmental Protection, said he knew that no other community had taken such a strict approach to removing recyclable items from garbage.
He said that it makes sense to crack down on cardboard floor display handling because the cardboard is heavy and can significantly increase the tonnage of garbage and what a town is paying to transport that tonnage.
Rosemary steadir, chairman of the board of directors of Selectmen, said she generally supports efforts to improve the town\'s recovery rate, but was concerned that new projects could backfire and would be an unnecessary burden for the elderly and the disabled.
Garbage porters in the town now pick up cartons and other recyclable garbage, but residents should separate the garbage from the garbage.
Smedile said that in the case of cardboard, residents should cut the material into a shape suitable for the town\'s red recycling box, or tie it up in a similar size.
According to the new rules, residents still need to tear down the boxes, but they can simply put the cut cardboard under the recycling box instead of tying them up, says Smedile.
She pointed out that the pizza box is one of the most common types of cardboard thrown away, and it is tax-free because the cardboard floor display is exposed to food and is considered contaminated.
\"My concern is that if we punish recycling, people will find a way to solve this problem,\" said Smedile . \".
\"The last thing we want is for people to figure out how to get the cardboard dirty so they don\'t have to cut it off.
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