Ren Yingqiang: The growth of leading enterprises in the carton industry

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-01-18

Cai Yijie group,the greatest wealth in life is the experience of entrepreneurship. Ren Yingqiang, 46, resolutely embarked on the road to entrepreneurship in 1993. After years of development, he founded a super group, which has become the leading enterprise of carton products industry with an annual output value of 240 million and a tax revenue of more than 10 million. At the beginning of the business: from the collection and trafficking of raw materials in the bearing transfer box, it is very difficult to operate. 'Starting a business is difficult, there are hardships and doubts, and more sweet and rewarding.' Recently, in the production workshop of Cai Yijie printing group,CEO recalled the entrepreneurial experience and said with emotion. At the beginning of the business, he combined the local bearing industry's demand for large packaging, from the collection and trafficking of raw materials in the bearing transfer box. 'At that time, due to the different sizes of old cartons, the quality was uneven, and there was no professional processing equipment, it was all by hand cutting, the production efficiency was low, and the operation was very difficult.' Ren Yingqiang recalled. What should I do? 'To be thorough, you can get through and do it!' In 1999, Ren Yingqiang embarked on the train of the south with the dream of entrepreneurship and the doubts in the process of entrepreneurship. When he came to the coast of Guangzhou, he found a carton factory to work, hard work and rush to do it, and he worked hard. In the process of learning by doing, he learned about the production process of cardboard floor display cartons, and solved a series of doubts such as “how to develop without stable supply, how to make cartons, where cardboard comes from”.

Introducing 40 million Italian tile lines to upgrade from a family workshop to a smart factory. In 2002, Ren Yingqiang returned to his hometown again. With the experience of learning, he began to target the cardboard and carton industry and created his own home-based cardboard carton processing plant. In order to break through the difficulties of production technology, he forced himself to learn and ran around to sell. Hard work pays off, Ren Yingqiang After two years of hard work, the product gradually keeps up with the market requirements, and the carton processing plant is on the right track. In 2004, after earning the “first bucket of gold”, he put forward the corporate philosophy of “innovation of ideas, skill improvement, militarized management, quality as king, and timely service”. Improve the modern enterprise management system, and the benign development has doubled the production efficiency year after year.

 'In line with the national energy conservation and emission reduction and the new and old kinetic energy conversion requirements of the province, I took the initiative to eliminate backward production capacity, eliminate old coal-fired boilers, and invest in foreign advanced equipment to carefully produce corrugated board.' This Italian paperboard production line is worth 40 million. It is the world's most advanced packaging industry production line, and its production capacity is four times that of the domestic same industry cardboard floor display production line.

 Actively driving the villagers to start a business, the village has more than 300 carton factories in 50 kilometers, and nearly 10,000 employees

 Ren Yingqiang said: 'As a response to the call to enrich the entrepreneurs, the government has given me honor, and I should have my own social responsibility.' Combining the low threshold of the carton industry, the initial investment is small, and the profit is stable, he actively drives nearby villagers. Participate in the carton packaging manufacturing industry. Within 50 kilometers of Mengzhuang Village in North Guantao Town, there have been more than 300 various types of carton processing enterprises, employing nearly 10,000 people.

 In order to enlarge and strengthen the carton packaging industry, the industry has led the development of advantageous industrial clusters. Since 2006, Ren Yingqiang has funded the surrounding villagers to visit the advanced factories in the coastal developed areas for many times to participate in the high-end forums in the industry to learn and exchange. Expert consultants set up special posts in the factory to serve the masses, provide them with technical support, and regularly hold technical exchange lectures and trainings, benefiting more than 2,000 people. At this point, Beiguantao Town has become a veritable cardboard and carton production base of Luxi, and its products are directly supplied to Shanxi, Henan and Hebei.

 Over the years, Ren Yingqiang has actively paid attention to charity and has donated nearly one million yuan. Invested 85,000 yuan, installed 50 street lamps for Daguozhuang Village, and 55 people with difficulty in entering the factory to work; in 2017, 60,000 yuan was installed for Mengzhuang Village to install street lamps for more than 40 years; in 2018, more than 30,000 students were sponsored for activities. I invested 110,000 to repair the road for my hometown.

Employees are important in ensuring cardboard floor displays, and the machine is utilised by everyone from cardboard stand to cardboard floor displays.
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