‘reverse of volume rg\' installation/onishi yasuaki

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-10-10
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©Nash Baker Yamazaki OSI, known for his art in Japan and international, currently has an exhibition device called \"the reverse side of volume g\" at the Rice Gallery in Houston.
Before June 24, he had been using plastic cloth and Black hot glue to make a huge mountain building that looked like it was floating in space.
When using these simple materials, he was able to successfully think about the nature of the negative space left or the blank.
©The process of Nash Baker what he calls \"casting invisible things\" involves covering the plastic cloth over the stacked cartons and then removing them, leaving only their impression.
Onishi wants to create a device that changes when visitors view from outside the glass wall to inside the gallery space.
Through the glass, the ups and downs of the vertical black line, the outer surface and the dense layer are mainly visible.
©At first glance, Nash Baker, standing in the center of the gallery foyer, seems to be a suspended, glowing object whose exact depth is hard to perceive.
When entering the gallery and walking along the left or right side, the device becomes a ventilated opening that can be accessed.
Like walking into an inner sanctuary or cave.
Like a room, half
Translucent plastic cloth and a string of hot glue wrap the audience in a fragile tent --
Like a shell with black spots.
Visitors can go in and out of the meditation space and observe how the simplest qualities of light, shape and lines change.
Yasuaki Onishi: Build \"reversal of volume RG\" from Rice Gallery on Vimeo \".
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